Student Stories – Rose-Anna

March 23, 2021

“This type of learning fits much better with the rest of my responsibilities as a mother but also alongside the accountancy business that I run.”

Rose-Anna, 32, Hastings

Having just completed her ICB Diploma in Payroll Management via distance learning with Open Study College, Rose-Anna, is a single parent running her own business.

She said: “Before Christmas, I completed my first course with Open Study College. This type of learning fits much better with the rest of my responsibilities as a mother, but also alongside the accountancy business that I run.

“Alongside these responsibilities I am also studying a degree in Natural Sciences. One of my passions outside of accountancy and my family is marine conservation, raising awareness of the importance of beach cleaning and promoting British shark awareness.”

Rose-Anna discusses the pros and some of the challenging parts of distance learning and offers some advice to those considering studying this way: “It took me around two years to complete the course, as sometimes I found it hard to stick to my own deadlines that I set and starting aspects and then struggling a little to get back into things. Once I did manage to get back into the swing of things, however, I felt a real sense of achievement.

“The team was really helpful in answering my questions promptly particularly when I needed to know more about restarting my studies.

“If I had any advice to offer someone thinking about studying with Open Study College, I’d say that you should make sure that you have time available on a regular basis to set aside to do the work. It can be very easy to let it slide, but once you do dedicate that time it is so worthwhile!”

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Student Stories – Rose-Anna
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