How Jasmine juggles studying with a busy life

“If you have a busy life like me then I highly recommend studying with Open Study College.”

Jasmine, 23

Second in the UK and sixth in the world in her category, Jasmine is a competitive dancer, so needs to ensure that her studies fit alongside her full-time job, part-time business and her greatest passion, dancing.

Describing her experience of distance learning with Open Study College she said: “I’m currently studying my level 2 Virtual Assistant course with Open Study College. I’m actually on my final assignment at the moment and then I will have finished my course. This course has been particularly helpful as I’m employed full-time as an administrative assistant and also run my own virtual assistant business on the side. I’m hoping this extra development will enable me to offer more services to my current clients for my own business but also strengthen my position at my full-time job.

“Outside of work, I am part of an international performance company, and have been dancing since I was 19. I can’t imagine my life without it, but at the same know the importance of elevating myself in my career. So, when I found Open Study College I was relieved that I could be in control of my studies and achieve a healthy work-life balance.”

Jasmine has studied other courses through Open Study College before, and this one won’t be her last either:

“Thanks to the flexibility with OSC, I’ve actually studied a number of exciting courses such as Mental Health and Psychology and Business Administration, where I’ve managed to work at my own pace with strict discipline. Once I complete this final assignment, my plan is to work hard and save up for a level 3 Social Media Marketing course to complement my existing accolades.”

“It’s taken a while to learn true discipline. At first I found it challenging finding that motivation to finish a task or assignment without someone there to chase you, but now I’m proud that I’ve manage my own time and deadlines and set aside how much I need to get done and when to achieve this by.”

Jasmine describes her experience with the Open Study College team as efficient, and would recommend distance learning to anyone considering this route:

“I’ve been so lucky to have the same tutor assigned to me for the various courses I’ve studied, and my tutor Chris is so helpful and always really prompt at getting back to any questions I have. You really get your money's worth. The team didn’t just let me pick a course, they helped me narrow down the search based on what best suited my interests and my career to ensure I’m heading in the right direction.

“If you have a busy life like me then I highly recommend studying with Open Study College. And if you do, then stick to personal deadlines as best you can by setting aside time each week to dedicate to your studies.”

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How Jasmine juggles studying with a busy life