Reasons To Study Our Personal Training Courses

Are you fit and healthy?
Yes (Or maybe you’re not yet but want to get into shape… It’s still a yes.)
Do you want to get paid for being fit and healthy?
Well of course!
Are you good at communicating with and motivating people?
That’s another yes.
Then these reasons alone are enough to say why you should study one of our Personal training courses. But just in case you aren’t persuaded, here are a few more:

3 Reasons why you should study our Personal Training Courses

  1. You can study at your own pace and in your own time
  2. These courses are accredited by Active IQ
  3. You will get paid to do what you love

A personal trainer is a qualified professional with fitness and health knowledge in regards to prescription and instruction. They motivate their clients to better physical health by setting goals and targets to aim towards. Personal trainers can set their own areas of expertise, from fat loss to muscle gain and body sculpting.

What do I need to become a personal trainer?

To become a personal trainer, you will need a certified qualification and practical fitness knowledge. You may be in great shape, but clients will want to be assured that you are giving them credible and proven methods of instruction - it is their health and money you are in control of after all!
Here at Open Study College, we have a variety of courses to accommodate many of these different sectors. Our courses are provided by Active IQ and offer a range of both theory and practical-based qualifications.

What is Active IQ?

Active IQ is a leading organisation for vocational and active learning in the UK. It provides professionally designed qualifications that promote careers in the active leisure and wellbeing sectors from entry level to more advanced courses to suit all needs and requirements.
This certification will benefit you as a personal trainer as it is a widely recognised awarding body. Most personal trainers are self-employed and have a set of clients, so will need some credentials to reel them in. Depending on your stature and number of clients, personal trainers can make between £30,000 and £70,000 a year!
Listen to what one of our tutors, Sam Deeley, thinks about his career in fitness and distance learning.

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That seems like more than enough reasons to study our Personal Training courses, so check out our website and see which course is best for you. Start your dream career today!

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Reasons To Study Our Personal Training Courses