National Baking Week – how the pastime has risen in popularity

October 15, 2019

National Baking Week 2019 runs from 14th to 19th October. To celebrate, we’ve explored the advantages that baking and cakemaking can bring.
Autumn is a time when many of us seek the comforts of home as an escape from the colder darker days. With The Great British Bake Off on TV, many feel inspired to try their hands at baking. In fact, the number of bakers, cakemakers and decorators has grown significantly in recent years. Figures suggest the number of us now baking has increased by as much as 1,500 per cent over a five-year period.

Several studies suggest baking provides more benefits than just a sweet treat. It can help alleviate stress, boost creative expression and even enhance problem solving.

According to research conducted by San Francisco State University, a hobby such as baking can improve performance in the workplace by reducing stress levels and providing opportunities to develop new transferable skills.

Relaxing and fun

Our cake making level 2 student Nicoletta had worked at restaurants and hotels in London and Edinburgh before deciding to focus on desserts and turn her passion for baking into a career.

Cake making course - Selfie of woman in white tshirt looking into camera
“I always enjoyed baking growing up. My interest really sparked when I started hotel management school and achieved a diploma in hotel cooking.  I’ve been studying a cakemaking course and developing my skills in my free time. One day I hope to be able to set up my own business.”

“I find baking really relaxing and fun. I strongly believe more people should consider it as a hobby or even as a potential career. It’s really stimulating and a great way to channel your creativity.”

Talking about National Baking Week our CEO, Sam Rutter, said “Baking has been proven to boost confidence and spread joy. It provides a sense of achievement by allowing people to take pride in what they create. These benefits are just a few of the reasons why baking is such a gratifying and enjoyable choice of course for many of our students, whether they do it for their career or for fun.”

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National Baking Week – how the pastime has risen in popularity
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