How do I become a mortgage adviser?

With the current state of the economy, a  great mortgage adviser is hard to find.
House prices are increasing yet the demand is high as more and more people desire to own their own house. It’s because of this that more people are choosing to become a mortgage adviser, but are unsure of the best and most beneficial way to get there.
This is where we come in. With the help of CeMap, our courses allow you to learn the knowledge and skills of a mortgage adviser from the comfort of your own home, while working alongside to gain the necessary experience you need.

What is CeMap?

CeMap (The Certificate in Mortgage Advise and Practice) is a highly regarded qualification awarded by the Institute of Financial Services. As one of the widest recognised qualifications for mortgage advisers in the UK, it provides you with the knowledge and training to meet necessary standards and become a qualified mortgage adviser.
Studying a CeMap course can be very beneficial to your career. Recognised by various banks, estate agencies and building societies, this qualification will pave your way into a multitude of job opportunities, and pushing your career into the right direction.
If you’re thinking of beginning your career, here are a few reasons how CeMap can help:

C- Courses

At Open Study College, we have a varied selection of CeMap courses to get you started within this industry. From Cemap 1 UK Financial Regulation to Cemap 2 And 3 Mortgages and Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge, there are several to choose from. 

E – Everyone

Whether you are looking for a career change or to progress on your current career path, there is something for everyone. If you are good at communicating, confident with numbers and IT skills and a motivated person, that is all you need to change your life today.

M – Money

Highly-qualified mortgage advisers can earn anywhere between £22,000 and £70,000 per year, with added commission and generous salary benefits. CeMAP courses start from affordable prices, which act as an investment towards your future.

A – Availability

Through our distance learning courses, there is no need to wait. Our courses are available for enrolment at any time of the day online, or through our Student Adviser team.

P – Progression

With the right qualifications and experience, you will be able to progress to become a manager of mortgage advisers. Or better yet, become self-employed as an independent adviser – the choices are open to you.
All of this can be available to you if you just make the choice today!
Take a look at our available CeMap courses or give our team a call on 03300 563100.

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Sharnie Carter

How do I become a mortgage adviser?