What's Your Learning Style?

Happy Chinese New Year!

Did you know that this year is the year of the dog?
There are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs – just like the Astrology zodiac signs – that are depicted by animals and their signature attributes. These signs are assigned by year of birth and determine your character and yearly fortune.
Just like how the zodiac signs reflect character, there is also a learning style within education associated to each person.
Since it is its year, let’s use the word dog as an example:

When you see the word “dog”, what is the first thing that happens? Do you:
  1. Picture the animal in your mind
  2. Hear barking
  3. Think of the texture of a dog and when you last stroked one
  4. Sound the word out to yourself in your head
  5. Not think of anything to do with cats and focus on something do with you
  6. Think of lots of cats
  7. Question why anyone has brought up the idea of cats?

Each of these answers refers to a specific learning style:

1 = Visual learner

These types of learners are aided by pictures and images. This type of media sticks in their mind and helps them to remember things more clearly. They are often very organised and use colours to keep track of things.

2 = Aural learner

Sounds and music are vital to the learning habits of aural learners. Hearing things clarifies what they are learning and they often find themselves repeating things to themselves and using mnemonic devices.

3 = Kinesthetic learner

Also known as physical learners, they are very hands on and tactile. In order to understand things, many kinesthetic learners need tangible representations of things to learn for themselves.

4 = Verbal learner

Verbal learners can often get confused with aural learners; these types of learners are most comfortable with words via speech and writing. Often these types of learners find listening to audio tapes and then rewriting them in their own words is the best method of study.

5 = Solitary learner

A solitary learner is someone who prefers to learn by themselves. Focusing on the work and the end result without any distractions is their main goal.

6= Social learner

Friends, friends and more friends! These types of learners work best with others. Collaborating and using other people’s ideas allows their minds to work best and excel.

7 = Logical learner

This type of learner prefers to use logic, reasoning and systems in order to learn and come to a result. They can often be called Mathematical learners as they take steps in working out an answer just like equations.
This is just an example; of course we won't be able to identify your learning style from one question, but this is so you can get the gist of what we mean.
Although these are the main types of learning categories, you can often have crossovers as no one is ever straight forward with their learning.
Take the time to find out which type of learner you are as it will help you to learn more effectively and efficiently. With this information, it will be even easier for you to study a distance learning course with us at Open Study College.
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Sharnie Carter

What’s Your Learning Style?