Interior Design trends we CAN’T WAIT to see in 2024

Who else’s social media feeds are filled with interior design inspo and home reno before and afters?   

The world of interiors is exciting and personal, yet ever-changing, with trends coming and going all the time. As we’re coming into the new year, it’s time to welcome in new styles and let go of the outdated!  

Here are the hottest new trends that will be dominating the interior design scene in 2024!  


What’s old is new  

Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?


Vintage furniture including sideboard and bookcase

We no longer want off the shelf, mass produced items in our homes. Filling our houses with furnishings that have a rich history and tell a story is becoming much more desirable.  

From upcycling cabinets into fashionable statement pieces with a lick of paint and modern finishes, to styling vintage items such as vases and mirrors, old is definitely the new, new!  

Charity shops and vintage fairs are fantastic places to find beautiful pieces of furniture and homeware that you can repurpose to suit your personality and style. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure! All it takes is a little imagination and a few simple tools, and the best thing? You’re saving money AND saving waste.  

So, don’t be afraid to take your grandpa's style, because what’s old is new for 2024!  


The 2024 colour palette 

Warm, earthy tones will make up the 2024 interior design colour palette. Think ruddy browns, mellow yellows, and clay pinks. 

We will see the popularity of these colours within paint choices, but also other materials too. Rusty red ceramics and coloured concrete are predicted trends for 2024, especially within bathroom interiors for tiles and vanity units.  

‘Colour drenching’, an interior design trend that takes one colour and uses various shades of it in a room, is on the rise. Different hues can be applied to walls, radiators, skirting boards, ceilings, and furniture, creating a striking effect that can really show off your character!  

In terms of flooring, synthetic greys and dark woods are out, and light, warm, natural wood floors are in. The new year’s focus is definitely on authentic, natural tones, so get snug with a warmer colour palette in your home in 2024!  


Earthy tones colour palette


Feeling blue 

As well as earthy, natural hues, expect to see a sea of blue in 2024.  Blues have always been a popular choice for homes, creating calm and respectable interiors, and also making houses easier to sell. We’ll see deep, moody navy blues transitioning to lighter, more tranquil blues in 2024. From cornflower blues, to sky blues and duck egg blues, the blue tones we will see next year will be much more inspired by those found in nature. 


Blue tones moodboard



Go big or go home with pattern in 2024!  

Bold patterns such as checkerboard, candy cane stripes, and florals are making their way  in for the new year. Use bold patterns that showcase your personality alongside those earthy, natural tones, and you’re on to a winner!  

We may also start to see more whimsical and romantic patterns appear, with smaller scale illustrative designs featuring florals, birds, and vines.  

When we think of pattern, we immediately think of wallpaper, but there are so many other ways you can incorporate pattern into your home. Soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, and throws are a great way to subtly introduce patterns into a space You could even go one step further  and commit to the pattern cause by choosing some bold curtains or tiles.  

So, remember in 2024: don’t be afraid of pattern Use it to make your space feel more homely, and really show off your personality.


Don’t forget to look up!  

Oh, what a feeling, when we're decorating the ceiling! 

Why have we been blind to the potential of ceilings all these years? 

In 2024, we will see striking ceilings bringing a new dimension to interiors. Beams, panelling, wallpaper, and dark paint colours will be putting ceilings on the map!  

Shiplap and coffered ceilings will bring texture to rooms from above, creating a cosy, snug, and charming feel. ‘Just paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls’ is a statement of the past because next year, the interior design trend will be painting, wallpapering, and panelling your ceilings with dramatic patterns and colours.  

It’s not just about walls in 2024, so don’t forget to look up and give your ceilings some attention!

ceiling styles with beams

Bring the outdoors, in  

House plants, house plants, and more house plants!  

Biophilic design is going to be BIG next year.  

Lush greenery and eco-friendly materials are cementing their spot in 2024’s interior design trends with a huge focus on sustainability and bringing the outdoors, in.  

Take inspiration from nature in your homes by mirroring the Earth and its natural landscapes. Curving shapes are a great way to capture this trend. Instead of straight, industrial lines and edges, think curved arches, furniture, and mirrors.  

Incorporate lots of greenery into your space with house plants, flower bouquets, and living walls, connecting your home to nature and the great outdoors. Maintaining a focus on natural lighting, ventilation, and keeping windows unobstructed to champion the view will also ensure you are on trend in 2024.  

Bonus: studies have shown that biophilic design reduces stress and improves mental health!  


Dopamine decor 

Decorate your home in a way that makes your heart SING in 2024.  

Dopamine decor is all about adding your own personal touch, infusing your space with bits that scream, YOU! Whether it's the beloved sausage dog cushion, the funky neon sign, or the gigantic abstract painting adorning your living room wall, allow your home to reflect you and your identity, wholly and unapologetically. 

Evoke joyful memories and embrace your inner child with colourful and fun accents, statement pieces, and a vibrant, bright feel in your interiors. Design your home with personal inspirations and incorporate design features that make you feel content, comfortable, and elated, even if this goes beyond being traditionally aesthetic!  

Unique, colourful decor

In a nutshell 

Interior design in 2024 is going to be a lot of fun!  

Sustainability and biophilic design complimented by earthy hues, bold patterns, and personal touches encapsulates the interior design trends for the new year (and don’t forget to give your ceilings some love!)  

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Interior Design trends we CAN’T WAIT to see in 2024