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Success Stories: How Studying an ICB Course With Us Helped Julia Get A Perfect Work-life Balance

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Like many mums in the UK Julia Hill, 36 from Andover, struggled to juggle a career and her family. Working as a Data Analyst Team Leader while looking after two young children, Julia felt that she was being pulled in all directions.

After the birth of her second child Julia knew things had to change. Although she’d been there 12 years, her job was no longer fulfilling her. Her youngest child was in nursery, and neither of them were happy.

Time for a change

Julia looked at the various aspects of her role as a Data Analyst Team Leader and realised that what she loved was working with numbers. As the saying goes, from small acorns grow big trees. Julia investigated roles including a large amount of numeracy which would also provide the flexibility to work around her children. Then, she looked at which providers would be best suited to deliver the bookkeeping qualifications she needed. After researching all options, Julia chose to study a bookkeeping course with Open Study College/ICB. Taking the bull by the horns, she signed up for ICB Levels 2, 3 and 4 Certificates in bookkeeping.

Julia soon found that she enjoyed distance learning as it gave her the flexibility to learn when it suited her. In just one year, Julia had completed levels 2 and 3 with flying colours, achieving distinctions in most of the exams.

Next steps

Julia went on to work for another bookkeeping business to gain experience whilst in the process of setting up her own bookkeeping business. Then, after less than a year of studies Julia was awarded her own Bookkeeping Practice licence.

“As a mum with young children you feel that employment opportunities are limited to either compromising your childcare or stacking shelves. I decided to be the owner of my own destiny. Thanks to the courses through Open Study College and ICB, I am now on the way to having a thriving bookkeeping business which is rewarding for me and works for our family.”

Julia said:

“I gained an Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) qualification through Open Study College and exams with ICB. I found the course easy to follow with brilliant tutor support and it was a very smooth process.”

Julia adds:

“It has not only allowed me to set up my business, my ongoing ICB membership also provides great networking opportunities. With ICB, you don’t just get the qualification then you’re on your own, they provide the support to help you start your own business. This, together with the recognised ICB accreditation, has helped me network with and secure my first client.”

“It’s daunting starting a business. ICB has given me the tools I needed to open my new practice together with the ongoing support and networking which has been a great help.”

Julia added:

“I am already working with companies to deliver bookkeeping services. I hope that my business will grow through recommendation of the outstanding service I deliver.”

Congratulations Julia!

Are you interested in studying bookkeeping with us?

It’s now even easier to achieve full ICB membership (MICB). Recent changes to the ICB syllabus means that level 3 is the highest level achievable.

View the full range of ICB courses here.

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