How HR student Katie's studying benefited her career

“I secured a job in HR in part because I was already studying with OSC, and therefore showing that I was willing to engage in personal development and career advancement in the area.”

HR student, Katie, 34

As a business development and assurance officer in the HR department of her local county council, Katie was looking for a way to further her career without it impacting her current job and several of her other responsibilities. The flexibility that distance learning with Open Study College offers was the perfect way for Katie to do just that.

After completing her level 3 certificate in the Principles of Human Resource Practice, HR student, Katie reflects on how she was able to strike a balance between studying and the things she most enjoys in life:

“I wanted to proactively find a way to advance my career that would benefit myself in the long run, and the freedom to complete the course at my own pace was just what I needed. I’m a horror genre enthusiast; I have successfully published several short stories and two novels, and I needed a course that allowed me to still have the time to write and enjoy my passion.”

As a career-focussed individual, Katie recalls how the course benefited herself and the way in which she prefers to work:

“The fact that I didn’t need to physically attend classes meant I didn’t need to take time off from my current role, and being able to submit coursework assignments as opposed to sitting an exam was really appealing to me.”

When asked about the best piece of advice she would give to anyone thinking about enrolling at Open Study College, HR student Katie mentions:

“You do need to ensure that you are very self-motivated, as you are entirely responsible for your own progress, but the convenience the course offers makes it all worth it.

“Even though you don’t have that face-to-face time in classes, I always felt supported by Open Study College. All of my questions were answered promptly, and the feedback on my assignments was always clear and easy to understand.

“I’ve learnt so much after completing this course and it has actively advanced my career already. I started the course before I worked in HR then applied for my current role. I was working in my local county council in social services at the time and then was given an interview and was successful in part because I was already studying and showing that I was willing to engage in personal development and career advancement.

“It also means there are now many more opportunities available to me in my career, and I’m really looking forward to progressing with these.”

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How HR student Katie’s studying benefited her career