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Careers advice – how to become a travel agent

travel agent gives passport to travellers

Are you one of those people who spend most of their time looking up holidays, flights and new destinations?
And when you are on holiday you are already planning where to go next?
Well, that’s basically the life of a Travel Agent. The only difference is that they receive a salary for it at the end of the month.
That sounds much better than just doing it for fun!

What is a Travel Agent?

A Travel Agent is someone who books holidays for customers, researching the best deals and planning all the little details of trips to ensure customers make the most of their time.
The usual day-to-day duties and routine of a Travel Agent include:

  • Communicating with customers to get the information they need, i.e. budget, destination ideas, type of holiday etc.
  • Comparing holidays for the best deals – this will include transport, accommodation, activities etc.
  • Ensuring they know about the rules and regulations of travelling to certain countries including visas, insurance and vaccinations
  • Being a point of contact for customers while they are away

Perk of the job: you will often receive great discounts on your own holidays!

Is there any career progression?

There are degrees within Travel Agency that can determine your salary and career progression.
Travel Agent – those who work in branches have the capabilities to be promoted; this is often due to commission and sales. Depending on experience, these roles can earn anything up to £25,000!
Branch Manager – these are the people who are in control of all the goings on within a specific Travel Agency site or branch. Their role includes the duties of a Travel Agent, with the added responsibility of ensuring that everyone is doing their job and that everything is going to plan. These can earn anything up to £30,000!
Tour Manager – this type of Travel Agent is responsible for the organisation of a specific tour holiday or trip. This may include sports club holidays abroad, or general community tours – every little detail is your responsibility. They may have more responsibility, but they also have more fun as they often get to go on the trip themselves and can earn anything up to £40,000!

How do I become a Travel Agent?

Luckily for you, a degree or specific qualification is not completely necessary in order to become a Travel Agent.
Many employers offer training, but personality and experience play a good part in helping with your career prospects.
However, some form of studying will give you that boost and competitive edge that you need and help you take that first step into the industry.
For example, our Tourism Management Level 3 course provides you with the skills to become a Tour Manager directly, pinpointing all the responsibilities that you will face.
But if you’re still not sure, we have more Travel and Tourism courses available on our website.
Or call 03300 563100 to speak to one of our student advisers who can help you choose the right course to put you on track to becoming a Travel Agent, today!

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