5 Reasons why you should study animal behaviour

Would you love a career as an animal behaviourist? Our Level 3 course can boost your knowledge in food chains, domestication, evolution and much more. Here are 5 reasons why you should study animal behaviour:

Explore how to record animal behaviour

You will gain an insight into why we to study animal behaviour, and how observations can help us yo understand how they live. This course will also help you learn how to get reliable results from your observations, and the issues you may encounter.

Gain an insight into the food chain

Explore the food chain and understand the impact of predators and prey, including how this is influenced by natural selection. You will also study the evolution of animals, and how this can impact upon a population of a certain species.

Investigate domestication

By studying this course, you will learn the differences between wild and domestic animals, and how their behaviours can change as a result of domestication. In addition to this, you will also understand how environments can influence animal behaviour, including noise, weather and hormones.

Understand how animals learn

During this unit you will improve you knowledge of various learning theories, including trial and error, insight and cognitive learning. You will also enhance your understanding of animal learning in training, and the benefits of this to humans.

Achieve your dream career

If you want to advance your knowledge in animal behaviour, and kick-start your dream career of working with animals, enrol on our Animal Behaviour Level 3 course today!
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5 Reasons why you should study animal behaviour