Fancy being a Chessmaster? Here are 5 tips on playing chess

Do you like playing chess but get fed of up losing all the time? Then now is the time to wave goodbye to those days and start winning with those killer moves. Take note of these 5 tips on how to play better chess:

Try to dominate the centre of the board

You should try and dominate the centre of the board and allow yourself space to develop your important attacking pieces.
A classic first move that you should make is to move the pawn in front of either the king or queen 2 squares forward. This allows you to open up space for your bishops and queen to enter the game. Failing to do this will mean your pawns block you from advancing your important attacking pieces and they won’t be able to play.

Move your knights and bishops

Before moving your queen, rooks or king, move your knights and bishops toward the centre of the board. You want to get these pieces out from behind the pawns so they can attack.

Think strategically

You need to have your thinking cap on throughout the whole game. Try to understand what your opponents last move did, what they are up to and if they are laying traps to capture your pieces. With this in mind decide on your own plan and always look at all of your possibilities. You should always figure out moves that will threaten your opponent’s king first.

Don’t play too fast

Even if you see a good move, stop and look. Is there a better move? Patience is the key to playing a great move and can be the difference between you winning or losing the game.  So always double-check your moves and make sure it doesn’t leave anything unprotected.

Try looking at the board from your opponents perspective

Try flipping the board around and look at the game from your opponents perspective. If you were your opponent, what attacking threats can you develop?
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Fancy being a Chessmaster? Here are 5 tips on playing chess