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5 Tips to help you manage your own beauty salon

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Managing a new successful beauty salon can be difficult to get going when you don’t have any previous experience of running a business. Getting to know your customers, hiring the right staff and marketing effectively all play an important part in how well the business performs. And here’s some tips that can help you:

Provide excellent customer service

From the first point of contact to the last, your customer should be offered a great service, but they also should be provided with an excellent experience. That and creating a professional environment are a key in building customer loyalty and growing rapports with your clients. You want your clients to return to the salon, so providing the best experience for them is absolutely vital to that. Going the extra mile won’t go unnoticed, from offering them a drink or a magazine while they’re waiting, to creating reward schemes for repeat clients. It’s important to make sure they aren’t kept waiting when they arrive, it may not be your fault if they are early and you’re with another client, but greet them and seat them quickly. You need to make sure that you listen carefully as well, as it’s vital the client gets exactly what they are asking for.

Hire the right staff

A skilled workforce plays a big part in the successful running of your business. You’ll need to employ those that are qualified and know what they’re doing, making you stand out from your competitors. Failure to do this could have a detrimental effect on the business and your reputation. You need to make sure you hire people with the right personality, as making the clients feel as comfortable as possible is vital. Hiring people with good social skills will certainly help as they will be speaking to all different kinds of people everyday, so if they can talk to people easily, it’ll make the client feel more at ease.

Grow your salon

If your beauty salon is in full swing and is bringing you in a nice income, you may want to consider growing your business by proving other treatments. Offering more treatments means you will be able to meet more peoples needs, which in turn, means your client list will keep growing the more you learn. Keeping clients informed on your latest services and products will also encourage them to return to the salon in the future.

Market your business

Are you promoting your business? There are many ways to market a salon and here are a few:

  • Work with local businesses to introduce you to new customers
  • Gain a social media presence
  • Place ads on the Google search network
  • Advertise in local news papers
  • Create leaflets/flyers

Like local businesses, beauty salons rely heavily on word of mouth. 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing, so making sure your clients receive a first-class experience should be top priority.

Keep up to date

Fashion statements change all the time, as with hair styles, nail art and make-up. Which is why keeping up to date with the latest trends is a must when you work in the beauty industry. You should know what’s popular and what’s not, so you can offer these in your salon. This can also help offer more of a variety in services. It’s also very important to stay up to date with industry regulations and any development within the beauty industry.

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