5 Things to think about when setting up your own childcare business

If you love working with children then setting up your own childcare business is a perfect way to make a living and enjoy your job. And how rewarding would it be knowing it’s yours! But before you get started here are a few things to you need to think about:

Type of business

If you don’t want to commit to owning a day care nursey, which is open all year round in full-time hours then you may want to consider some of the other opportunities within this field.  For a more flexible route, setting up a creche may be a better option for you. A business of this kind allows you to look after children before or after school times, giving you the freedom in the day for your other commitments. You could even set up as a self-employed childminder at home, so you decide when you work.

Research, research and research

Putting together a business plan is key for success. You need to gather information about the needs of parents, families and guardians to identify if it is essential to set up a nursery in the area. You should also put together a list of competitors and find out whether there is demand for childcare within your chosen location. Here's more information on why drawing up business plan is so important.

Carry out necessary inspections and gain licences

In this field, you will need to gain the proper licensing and pass the correct inspections to care for children, from fire-safety to health inspections. If you’re wondering what licenses you need, your municipal government office can provide you with these details. You will also have to complete an OFSTED application, which will be followed by visit from an inspector. Once you've been approved you'll be on your way to your grand opening!

Find qualified staff

When children are involved it is vital that you have the correct staff working for you. A nursery should have a full-time, qualified and experienced manager who oversees all day-to-day running of the business. All other staff working within the business should hold relevant qualifications including CACHE and have the passion for working with children. You should also consider employing staff with specific certifications in first-aid and CPR. As is it stated within the law, certain background checks need to be carried out on your employees to ensure children are in safe hands.

Know what to teach

As a provider of key early years resources, you should cater the activities you provide to meet educational outcomes. The Early Years Foundation Stage set these goals. Supporting a child’s development will also need to be expressed by providing them with a healthy balanced diet. This is key to laying a foundation for their future well-being.
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Sharnie Carter

5 Things to think about when setting up your own childcare business