5 Reasons why you should study photography

Photography is all around us, we're constantly bombarded by photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But wouldn't you love to know how to take great photos? Our Digital Photography course will teach you how to take great shots with any camera.
Take a look at these 5 reasons why you should study photography:

Noticing details

Photography changes the way you see things. You will start to see things from a whole new perspective such as light, shapes, colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers, etc. Everything around you will start to look different, and you will start taking into consideration every last detail. You will begin to see the beauty of the world around you, which will change your everyday experience for the better.

Document your own family

Gaining skills in photography, means you will be able to take professional photos of your own family. By documenting the lives of your children and family members or special times on holiday, you will be capturing your own memories which will allow you to look back at later. Photography is worth learning for this reason alone!

Share your perspective

Every photo is unique; this is because everybody sees things differently. Photography lets you share your perspective of the world with others and let’s people admire your work. This can be very rewarding, especially when you start getting some great responses from your viewers.

Earn extra cash

Why not set up your own photography business or even earn some extra cash on the side? Photographers can earn up to £30,000 a year, so achieving a career in something that you love will definitely be worth it!

Capture memories that last forever

Taking photos will allow you to capture memories that last forever from weddings, birthdays and other family occasions. Your clients will be able to look over these in many years to come and show other generations – all thanks to you!
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Sharnie Carter

5 Reasons why you should study photography