5 Reasons why you should study dog training

Do you want to become a dog trainer? Maybe you want to develop your skills to train your canine? Then here are 5 reasons why you should study dog training:

Explore the history of dog training

Study when and why dog training began, and how they assisted men in combat in the First and Second World War. Explore how changes in jobs and busier lifestyles now mean that dogs need training to help them cope when left home alone.

Understand a dog’s body language

This course will help you to know what a dog is trying to tell you by learning about their body language. Whilst dogs use sounds and signals to communicate with us, the majority of information comes from their body language. You will become an expert in understanding when a dog is relaxed, curious, aggressive, fearful, stressed and worried!

Learn how to teach a dog new tricks

Develop your knowledge in the different types of tricks you can teach a dog. Understand the process of clicker training, and how positive and negative reinforcement is used in dog training. You can even learn how to teach your own dog to beg, back-up, turn, fetch, and many more amazing tricks!

Recognise the various types of dog sports

Did you know that dogs have their own sports? UK Rally, obedience, agility and tracking, and training are all competitive dog sports. Explore how dogs are trained to jump, travel through tunnels and navigate a range of walkways. Next stop...Crufts!

Discover how to communicate with a dog

It is vital that you to know how to communicate with a dog, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.  Investigate the importance of using a mix of signs, eye contact, body movements and hand signals. Improve your knowledge and ability to identify various learning theories to help you understand a dog’s behaviour.
Whether you have a new canine friend, or want to develop your knowledge to become a dog trainer, this course covers everything you need to know!
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5 Reasons why you should study dog training