5 Reasons why you should study child care

Do you want to boost your knowledge in child care? Maybe you want to begin a career looking after children and helping their development? Then one of our child care courses would be perfect for you! Take a look at these 5 reasons why you should study child care:

Explore the development and learning of a child

Our child care courses will allow you to gain an insight into how you can support the development and learning of a child, including playing and exploring and art and design. You will also be able to explore how children understand the world and know the impact this has on their learning.

Develop your knowledge in safeguarding children

Safeguarding is a vital part of child care, which is why our courses give you the information you need to develop your knowledge in keeping them safe. In addition, you be able to know when a child is being abused, how to respond to concerns and to create a secure environment.

Know how to look after your own children

Gaining the knowledge you need in child care will help you look after your own children. You’ll know how to help provide a healthy life for then, build your relationship and give them security. You will also be confident in supporting their development and providing them a safe environment.

Start your own child care business

Whether you want to set up your own mobile baby-sitting business or create your own nursery, our courses can help kick-start your dreams! A child care course can help you learn about the administrative procedures, so you’ll have the knowledge needed to record financial information, VAT and Tax and how to store data – so you’ll have a head start when starting your own business!

Open a wide range of career opportunities

Would you love to work in child care? Then developing your knowledge can boost your opportunities and help you begin your perfect career. There are a wide range of child care career paths you can go into from becoming a babysitter, a nanny, family child care provider and a child care centre worker. So finding a job you enjoy is easy. With busier lifestyles and work commitments, the demand for child care is increasing – which means we need you!

“I am studying Child Care Level 3 online and I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I am unable to attend college so using Open Study College is perfect for me, as I can study in my own time. My tutor is always there to help and support me. I would definitely consider doing another course after I have finished this one.” - Emma Steer

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Sharnie Carter

5 Reasons why you should study child care