5 Reasons why you should study bookkeeping

Are you thinking about studying bookkeeping? Maybe you’d love to set up your own business or achieve your dream career? Then a Bookkeeping qualification is perfect for you. Here’s 5 reasons why you should study bookkeeping:

Set up your own business

If you’re thinking about setting up your own bookkeeping business then you’ll need to have the knowledge about ledger accounts, trial balance, limited company accounts and much more in order for you to be successful. The better skilled you are the more money you’ll make!

Achieve a new career

Would you love to become a bookkeeper? Do you want to change your career path? Then a qualification can help you do just that! Kick-start your dream career today with an ICB qualification today.

Generous salary

Bookkeepers can earn up to £31,000, so a career in this field is great if you want to achieve a high salary!

Advance your knowledge

With a range of recognised bookkeeping courses to choose from you will develop your knowledge in keeping records of financial affairs of a business, and start working more efficiently and accurately.

Climb the career ladder

Do you want to progress in your current career? Then a bookkeeping qualification can help you do just that! Boost your skills and knowledge about VAT, the accounts of a business, the making and receiving payments and much more achieve that promotion you’ve got your sights set on.
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Sharnie Carter

5 Reasons why you should study bookkeeping