5 Reasons why you should become a nurse

Would you love to become a nurse?  Do you want to make a difference to someone’s life? Then here’s 5 reasons why you should:

Make a difference

The role of a nurse can be very satisfying. You will have to care for your patients and provide them with the help and support they need. By spending a lot of time with people and building relationships, you will be able to make a real difference to their lives.

Industry demand

The demand for nurses in the UK is larger than ever. Last year there were 23,443 nursing vacancies and this shortage has predicted to continue. So now it is a great time to kick-start your career in nursing.

Work variety

The duties of a nurse vary day to day – there will never be a dull moment. You could be administering medication one day then assisting a doctor during surgery the next.

Stepping stone

If you have your sights set on a higher positioned role within the health care industry, then becoming a nurse is a great way to get a foot in the door. By progressing and taking on more responsibility you will be able to achieve your dream career.

Work in an environment to suit you

Becoming a nurse doesn’t mean that you have to work in a hospital. You can work in a variety of environments, including: a care home, school and patients home.  Which means you can find a nursing job that suits you.
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5 Reasons why you should become a nurse