5 Reasons why you should study our basic maths course

Around 86% of jobs require you to have basic maths skills, so improving your skills with a home learning maths course is a great way to prove your knowledge to employers. Gain an understanding in percentages, probability and more in our Level 2 course. Here’s 5 reasons why you should study our basic maths course:

Explore decimals, fractions and percentages

We encounter and use a variety of fractions, decimals and percentages on a daily basis, which is why our Level 2 course explains these for you. You will gain a clear understanding of how to round decimals, multiply and divide fractions and work out percentage increases and decreases.

Understand different types of measurements

With a unit dedicated to measurements, you’ll be able to explore time, area, volume and perimeters. This course will also provide you knowledge about temperature, speed and distance. Nearly all professions use measurements including nurses to take blood pressure readings and engineers working with precise dimensions.

Investigate integers

Knowing about numbers with positive and negative values is essential for us, especially when we’re looking at our finances and the temperature. In this module you’ll explore how to complete calculates when using them and explore the rules you should follow when working with them.

Gain an insight into ratios

Understanding Ratios is another important skill to have. We use them when we’re cooking, putting petrol in our car, working out the latest promotion at the supermarket and much more. Our Level 2 course explains ratios step by step so you can feel confident in calculating them.

Progress in your career

Do you feel as though your maths skills are holding you back? Do you struggle to complete your daily tasks at work because your maths isn’t up to scratch? Then boost your skills with our Basic Maths Level 2 course and study with an award-winning home learning provider!
Boost your skills with our basic maths course!
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5 Reasons why you should study our basic maths course