5 Fun Ways to Get Children into Learning

As a child, you may not always appreciate the benefits of learning.
To many children, it can be seen as a compulsory chore that their parents and teachers make them do. They don’t always witness the potential that learning can bring. Because of this, they may not always enjoy or want to do it, and especially not in the holidays.
However, it is important to keep their minds active in down periods such as half term or the Christmas holidays. It makes it easier for them to fall back into the new school term and will keep their brains ahead of the pack.
We know what you’re thinking… easier said than done.
How do you convince a child who is on school holidays and would much rather play computer games or go out with their friends that learning is fun?
It’ a tough feat.
But we’ve got a few ideas that will keep the children learning, put your mind at ease, and even give you a bit of a break.

  • Use a variety of media

Learning doesn’t need to be a regimented routine of books and writing; we can all learn in a range of different ways. Try using songs and music to encourage your children to learn or allow them to watch educational programmes as opposed to their usual choice.

  • Take them out on day trips

Children love to be entertained. Take them on day trips that will constitute learning. For example, go to a museum where they can learn about history and arts, or visit a garden centre where they can learn about plant life and biology. These types of days out are usually less expensive than theme parks or the cinema, so you’ll save yourself a bit of money, too!

Drawing, painting, cooking and building are all forms of learning. It allows children to release their creativity and express their artistic nature. Supplies for this are also low in cost and easy accessible. Start with some old newspapers and PVA glue and you’ve got yourself some papier-mâché!

  • Turn learning in games

Don’t just study – play! When playing games, kids will unconsciously learn without any intentions. For example, family trivia games are a great way to encourage social interaction as well as unconscious learning.

  • Night-time reading

Try to encourage your children to read at least a chapter of a book before they go to sleep. While they sleep, their brain will process everything they have just read and cling onto vital information. You can also make this even more fun by reading with them and using funny voices to portray the characters.
Learning is in a lot of aspects of our lives, so make the most of any fun or new activity that can be turned into a learning experience.

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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

5 Fun Ways to Get Children into Learning