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Yesha’s distance learning experience

Yesha distance learning

“I have young kids to look after, however, I feel I am not limited to working on my personal growth thanks to distance learning and really wanted to prove that I could still achieve and grow academically!”

Yesha, 39, London

With young children to take care of, Yesha decided that the best way to continue her education and personal growth would be to follow a distance learning route with Open Study College. Currently midway through her Social Media Marketing course, Yesha opens up about her experience thus far:

“I’m currently halfway through my Social Media Marketing Level 3 course with Open Study College. Although this is my first distance learning course with OSC, I have achieved a Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health and recently finished the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing with Google acquiring a Certificate from Google on the subject.

“I have young kids to look after and need to keep up with school runs and all the responsibilities of being a parent, however, I feel I am not limited to working on my personal growth thanks to distance learning and really wanted to prove that I could still achieve and grow academically.”

Yesha explains that alongside her studies and being a mother she also runs her own business:

“Outside of my studies and looking after my kids I am a graphic designer and run a print-on-demand business. I try to divide my time between working for my business and doing research for my essays and writing them for my course. At the moment, I am unsure of what I will do after I complete this course but I do know that it will be really useful for marketing my print-on-demand business. At the moment I am focussing on finishing this course, but I really am passionate about designing and learning more and more so I am definitely open to further studies with Open Study College.”

Explaining that she feels encouraged and fulfilled in her studies, Yesha talks about the positive challenges she’s experienced and the support she’s received from OSC:

“Distance learning enables me to work on my course at any time of the day. I find it easy to get in touch with my tutor when in need of help. OSC has provided me with an easy-to-use online course platform where I read about the subject and research. It is straightforward and keeps me focussed on the course without any hassle.

“My tutor is very helpful. After every essay, he leaves me feedback that is filled with suggestions that encourages me to think from different directions and viewpoints. He also pushes me to do more research and have a critical angle while doing so. These challenges are good for my progress and I feel it is helping me learn more about the subject.

“If anyone is considering learning with Open Study College be mindful that it is a very self-paced way of learning, it is important to know how long it will take for you to finish every unit and this can be done from the very beginning. For instance, I timed my first unit and discovered it took me two months to finish it. I divided the length of my course which is a year with my units and made a schedule where I give myself a maximum of two months to finish each unit. I set up a review every two weeks to see how I was doing so hopefully I can be done in one year’s time. So far it’s been six months and I have managed to keep up with this timeline. Dedication is key and the outcome will be rewarding!”

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