4 Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting

With more and more students choosing to study accounting, it is fast becoming one of our most popular subject areas.

So, if you find that you’re asking yourself “should I take that leap and study accounting?” You’re already closer than you think to making a decision. All you need now is to know why you should choose to study accounting…

Increase your employability

The great news is that employment rates for accountants are stable. Accounting is a particularly stable career during times of political or economic uncertainty, as they are needed to help the company survive. Accountants are in demand in every industry, so for someone with an accounting qualification, there is no shortage of jobs to apply for. By studying accounting, you will have the skills and knowledge required by employers, allowing you to take your pick from the jobs available.

The world is your oyster…

The accounting sector is growing, and so are the number and variety of opportunities! Accountants are needed in every industry, so you will be able to choose an industry that intrigues you. To keep things interesting, you could even consider changing industry every few years. With an accounting qualification under your belt, you will even have the opportunity to work abroad if you fancy!

Earn a great salary

A career in accounting can be financially rewarding, even for new starters who have one of the highest entry level salaries available. And a degree isn’t even necessary to work in accounting and earn good money, so you can avoid the costs of university too! Salaries start at around £17,000 and it will increase to £35,000 and beyond with more experience.

Open new doors

The skills acquired whilst you study accounting will open the door for new opportunities! You don’t even need to remain in traditional accounting throughout your career, you could explore the following options:

  • Diversify and explore new options such as becoming a business analyst, or working in Risk Management
  • Work hard and progress up the career ladder into a financial management role
  • Take a leap of faith and become a freelance accountant

What next?

There’s a wide variety of accounting qualifications out there for you to choose from, so we’ll make things simple for you… Here’s our top picks from our accounting qualifications:

  • AAT Accounting Level 2 and 3
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3
  • IAB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting

If you would like to know more about studying Accounting with Open Study College, take a look at our full range of courses or why not give our student advisers a call on 03300 563100 today?

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Sharnie Carter

4 Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting