3 Reasons why you should study interior design

Are you someone that can’t go around IKEA without pointing out items and colour schemes that would look nice in your house? Then this is the course for you. Why not learn about something you enjoy with one of our interior design courses? Here are 3 reasons why you should study Interior design:

Developing Skills

Interior design will allow you to develop your creative skills, as well as your business skills. You will learn how to design to meet a client’s brief and also look at the financial side, including budgeting. This will give you an idea of how you would create your own business with considerations to planning and strategies.

Creative course

If you like anything creative, or you are one of these people that can’t stay away from decorating the house or room regularly then this course is for you. In this course you will look at different colour schemes, think about what goes well together and which fabrics to use, depending on your client’s needs. You will also be studying creative colour charts, mood boards and drawings to improve on your ideas.

Closer steps to becoming an interior designer

Boosting your knowledge in interior design will help you become step closer to achieving a career in this field. The pay of an interior designer is good with junior designers earning up to £20,000 and those experienced £45,000+.
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3 Reasons why you should study interior design