Microsoft Office 2013 Training Bundle

Course code: LE018

Microsoft skills are often taken as a given by employers, so make sure your skills are up to date with Microsoft's most popular certification.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Access 2013
  • Master Microsoft Excel 2013 including formula creation and conditional formatting
  • Develop skills with Microsoft Powerpoint 2013
  • Master Microsoft Word 2013 including Mail Merge and Custom Configuration
  • Develop skill with Microsoft Outlook 2013
This course is only available to study online.
Course overview

Including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Outlook, this course will not only cover the basics but more advanced powerful settings of these Office Tools to make your current job responsibilities easier.

Home learning is simple and stress free, so why not enrol today and join the 90,000 students who have chosen Open Study College to improve their career prospects.

Course Duration

Up to 1 year.

Study Hours

Approximately 80 hours.

Course Outcome

Certificate of Completion for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook 2013.

Entry Requirements

No previous knowledge is required to enrol onto this course, just a basic knowledge of IT is recommended.


Exam simulations after each module.

Course content
  • Access 2013 Introduction
  • What are Databases
  • The Interface Window
  • Setting up the Database
  • Creating Forms
  • Understanding Table Relationships
  • Queries
  • Reporting
  • Table Tools
  • Forms and Design
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Specialised Form
  • Customization and Conclusion
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Ribbon Elements
  • Entering Data and Editing Font Attributes
  • Number Formats
  • Formating Cells
  • Printing
  • Formulas
  • Rearranging Data
  • Charts
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Named Ranges
  • CSV Files
  • Text to Column
  • Grouping Data
  • Working with Windows
  • Headers and Footers and Protecting Data
  • Pivot Tables
  • Sparklines
  • Trancing Formulas
  • What if Scenario
  • External Data Sources
  • Customizing Menus and Options
  • Macros
  • Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Screen Elements
  • Starting a New Presentation
  • Layout
  • Objects
  • Slide Design and Transitions
  • Animations
  • View and Slideshow
  • Understanding Slide Masters
  • Hotspots and Actions
  • Printing Options
  • Inserting Charts
  • Setting up Slide Shows
  • Templates Vs Shows
  • Reviewing Information and Compare
  • Copy and Paste Across Presentations
  • Adding Media Video and Audio
  • Screen Layout
  • Page Setup and Text Entry
  • Auto-correct Text Formatting
  • Paragraph Attributes
  • Customizing Bullets and Numbers
  • Reveal Codes Putting it all Together and Saving
  • Viewing Rulers
  • Formating and Inserting Images
  • Tabs
  • Window Views and Putting it all Together
  • Headers and Footers
  • Section Breaks and Footers
  • Tables in Word
  • Inserting Text Boxes
  • Mail Merge
  • Working with Outlines
  • End Notes and Foot Notes
  • Captions and Citations
  • Table of Authorities
  • Reference Page Index Table
  • Track Changes
  • Compare
  • Advanced Smart Art
  • Templates
  • Custom Configuration
  • Understanding Email Setting Outlook
  • Configuring Interface
  • Email Window
  • Managing the Inbox
  • Using the Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Task List
  • Adding an Account From Scratch
  • Multiple Email Accounts in One Window
  • Searching for Mail
  • Managing the Folders View in Inbox
  • Using Priority and Receipts
  • Calendars
  • Auto-Replies
  • Signatures
  • Advanced Options
Extra info


Fun quizzes and exam simulations after each module reinforce your confidence and aid progression to the next stage.

Course Duration

With this flexible home learning course you can fast-forward, rewind or repeat all the online classes so you can go at your own pace. You will have a full 12 months to complete the course.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of each of the courses in this bundle, you will receive a certification of completion so you can showcase your achievement to future employers. Please note in order to achieve the official qualification you will have to successfully complete a Microsoft exam. This will be at an additional cost and It is your own responsibility to pay for these.

Awarding body

Microsoft has certification paths for many technical job roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn certification.


No previous knowledge is required to enrol onto this course, just a basic knowledge of IT is recommended.

If you decide to sit the exam you will have to book and pay to take these exams and the examination centre you choose. You can find your closest exam centre on the Pearson Vue website.

That's not a problem. We want to make sure you’re 100% confident about enrolling on the course and starting your study. So, just give our Student Adviser Team a call on 03300 563 100 and they’ll do their best to help.

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