Why you should study an Access to HE Diploma (Health)

April 29, 2020

An Access to HE Health Diploma is a stepping stone onto a university course in healthcare. It’s the perfect opportunity for those returning to education to gain new opportunities and broaden their career prospects.
It gives those who didn’t get their ‘traditional’ qualifications the first time round a chance to access higher education.
So here are the reasons why you should study an Access to HE Diploma (Health) course.

Designed for those returning to education

All Access to HE courses are specifically designed for those returning to education.
This means that you will learn the study and writing skills needed to prepare you for a degree level qualification.
access to HE health

Content relevant for healthcare career

The Access to HE Diploma (Health) course is intended to be relevant specifically to a healthcare related degree course.
This means that instead of taking 3 A levels in core subjects such as chemistry or biology, the modules include the skills you will need for your university course.
access to he health

Equivalent of 3 A Levels

Instead of taking 3 A levels and sitting the exams, the access to HE course skips this out. It’s the equivalent of 3 A levels which means it gains you UCAS points to help with your application to your university course.

Didn’t get your grades the first time…

Not everyone gets the grades they had hoped for the first time round. The Access to HE Diploma (health) course gives you the chance to take the next step into further education without having to go back and take A levels.

No Exams

Great news for anyone who doesn’t like exams!
This course is completely exam free. You are assessed through a series of assignments, so there are no horrible exam conditions. Although there are specific deadlines you must meet, it still is so much less daunting than taking A levels or other equivalent courses.
access to he health

Study alongside your current commitments

In order to change your career completely, you don’t have to give up your current job role straight away. Just like every course with Open Study College you can study for your course part time alongside your work, family or care commitments!
access to he health
Although there are specific deadlines you need to meet, your study schedule is flexible. We take the location out of the course, so you have no commuting, no sitting in a classroom and no lessons. Instead you have your study materials and expert tutor support!
As long as you have your course materials you can study!

Become a nurse, midwife or other healthcare professional

Transform your job into one of the most rewarding careers out there. Take the next step into becoming a nurse, midwife or healthcare professional!
Take a look at our Access to HE Diploma (Health) and start shaping your future with us!

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Why you should study an Access to HE Diploma (Health)
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