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Why you should study an Access to HE Health Diploma

why study access to he health

An Access to HE Health Diploma is your stepping stone to studying a healthcare degree at university. It’s the perfect course for anyone returning to education to help them achieve their dream career in healthcare.

The course allows students aged 19 or over to access higher education without following the traditional A Level route.

So, here are the reasons why you should study our Access to HE Health Diploma.

Access to HE Health – designed for those returning to education

Access to HE courses are specifically designed for anyone aged 19 and over who is returning to education. As part of your course, you will learn how to write academic reports, use Harvard referencing, and use academic resources in your work. You’ll also learn how to research and find higher education opportunities and explore your personal development to help you achieve your goals.

Relevant to your future

Our Access to HE Health Diploma has been designed with the end goal of achieving a related degree and working in healthcare in mind. The in-depth, relevant learning materials will fully prepare you for your university studies, allowing you to study topics that support the knowledge and skills you’ll further develop at university.

Instead of studying core subjects at A Level, you’ll study a range of healthcare-related subjects across the two-year period. In your first year, you’ll explore the topic of human biology as well as the factors that cause disease and the structure of the body’s defences. In your second year, not only will you study maths and psychology (two subjects that are invaluable in healthcare), but you will also study the fundamental principles of values-based healthcare and how you can promote the health of your patients.

An Access to HE course allows you to start your journey towards studying at university without needing to complete A Levels. Once you have successfully completed your Access to Higher Education Health Diploma, you will receive a nationally recognised level three qualification that is the equivalent to three A Levels. As a result, you will also gain the equivalent UCAS points needed to help your university application. You will also be provided with a guide on how to submit your UCAS application.

How will I be assessed?

Access to HE diplomas are perfect for anyone who prefers completing assignments to sitting exams! This course is a completely exam-free option, making it the ideal choice for adults returning to education who don’t do well in exam conditions.

Instead, you will need to complete written assignments which will be submitted to your tutor for grading. Your written assignments will include essays, presentations, and reports to help you demonstrate your understanding of the topics included on the course.

Study alongside your current commitments

We understand that not everyone can just give up their job and return to education full-time in order to achieve their dream career. Our Access to Higher Education Health Diploma allows you to continue to earn a living and care for your family while studying part-time from home.

While studying an Access to HE Diploma will require you to meet set deadlines for assignment submissions, you will be in charge of when and where you study. Our course takes location out of the equation, so there’s no need for you to commute to college or attend classes. You have the flexibility to set your own study schedule and fit your learning around your lifestyle and commitments.

But don’t worry, you won’t be left on your own once your course starts. You will have unlimited email access to your tutor who will be on hand to answer any questions or provide any guidance you need. Your tutor will also provide you with video mentoring sessions to help you get the most out of your study materials.

Achieving your dream career

Once you have successfully completed your course, you can apply for a range of healthcare-related degrees at university, including nursing, midwifery, and other healthcare degrees. After completing your degree, you could achieve your dream career as a healthcare professional in the NHS or a private healthcare provider.

Start your journey towards transforming your career with an Access to Higher Education Health Diploma today and become a nurse, midwife, paramedic, or healthcare professional.

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