Top 5 STEM jobs for Women

STEM is an abrreviation for science, technology, engineering and maths.

If you want a job that will make an impact on the world, look no further than the STEM industry, where jobs are set to excel, even in uncertain times. Here are the top 5 STEM jobs for women. 

It is well known that STEM careers are mainly male dominated. The actual percentage of women in STEM jobs include just only 15% of Engineering graduates being female!  This is hardly surprising as only 13% of the overall UK STEM workforce are women. Because of this, there are very few female STEM women role models for younger generations to look up to and as a result less women actually pursue STEM related jobs and careers.  

As technology still continues to evolve and we become more reliant on the digital world around us, jobs within the STEM field are likely to become more in demand. This means it is a brilliant time to try and encourage more women to pursue STEM related careers! 

What is STEM?  

For those not yet in the know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. The abbreviation is used to group these subjects together. STEM jobs do not all require higher education or a university degree which makes it an attractive career path. 


A heavily male dominated industry, engineering is a highly paid and skilled job and there is a huge need for more female engineers. Engineering is a diverse, creative and exciting career and gives you the opportunity to do something life changing! 

Engineering is a fantastic career for women and there are thousands of female engineers doing amazing things. From designing future cities and transport systems, to making innovations in healthcare technology and space exploration. 

Cyber security 

With technology advancing and cyber-crimes on the rise, the security of a company’s electronic information needs protecting now more than ever. IT and computing is another male dominated industry, but it doesn’t need to be!  

As an innovative career, cyber security work involves developing new ways to improve a company’s security, documenting/simulating security breaches and recognising flaws within a system.  

If you’re knowledgeable about IT, love solving problems and enjoy analysing security systems and are always aware of common and upcoming threats and trends within the field, a career in cyber security choice for you.  


At a time where the world is relying on websites and apps; the need for skilled developers is high. Imagine the opportunity to develop or even create a brand new app that could help thousands of companies across the world thrive during the pandemic! 

Although learning coding is mainly attractive to males, a stronger push to encourage women to learn even basic code is becoming more prominent from the education industry and the UK government.  

This career is an opportunity to be creative and innovative and also problem solve along the way. Once you get to grips with the language of coding, you’ll be highly employable. 

Try taking an IT course and start your career route!


During this time of a worldwide pandemic, the job of an epidemiologist is becoming more prominent.  An epidemiologist is a public health worker who researches the causes of disease in humans and investigates patterns of infection and illness. These public health professionals focus their efforts on mitigating and reducing risks and occurrences of illness and disease.  

During the time of coronavirus, women fighting a deadly virus killing millions across the world? Yes, this is definitely up there for an empowered job role.  


A geologist is a scientist who studies the processes on earth such as tectonic movements, erosion, earthquakes and other geologic applications. This is not a profession talked about often but we should be raising huge awareness of the importance of this job. The natural world is still moving around us and volcanoes and earthquakes effect millions across the world.

How to get chosen out of a pool of candidates 

Women with STEM qualifications are already very employable; but work experience obviously helps. We also need more women recruiters who understand and can express the challenges women have entering industries that have traditionally been male-dominated. There's also a confidence gap, so women in STEM have to better express their own skills and abilities. 

Finding motivation 

High profile, inspiring role models help, because they prove that women can thrive in these industries and compete on equal terms. The pay is very good and because these are fast-moving sectors there are lots of opportunities which will be crucial to the future of the UK economy and the improvement of British society. It'll be exciting and rewarding. 

Inspirational Women in STEM

Although there isn't a huge pool to choose from, there are still some incredible women in STEM to look up to and aspire to be like! You may not have heard of most of them but all the more reason for us to bring these inspiring women to the light.

  • Katherine Johnson - NASA Space Scientist
  • Radia Perlman - Internet Pioneer
  • Rear Admiral Grace Hopper - Inventor & Computer Scientist
  • Florence Nightingale - Founder of modern nursing, Social Reformer & Statistician
  • Adriana Ocampo- Planetary Geologist
  • Roberta Bondar- Astronaut Neurologist
  • Gladys West - pioneered GPS


The best advice for women wanting to go into any of these industries is to be adaptable. Be open-minded about where you work and go where the opportunities are. Be willing to learn new skills, change your role and take on new challenges and when is a better time to start than now?  

Skill up, take a course and delve into the world of STEM careers!  

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Top 5 STEM jobs for Women