What are T Level Qualifications

The modern society are all very familiar with the concept of A Levels.
You go to school to study your GCSEs before progressing into sixth form or college to study your A Levels. According to the Department for Education, A Levels may soon be in harsh competition with - and perhaps even replaced by - T Levels. But what exactly are they...?

What are 'T Levels'?

Technical Levels also known as T Levels are aimed at establishing parity between academic and technical routes. 15 new pathways will be developed between now and 2022, which will help students progress into employment. They will be considered as the new alternative to A Levels.

“Investing in skills and education is the key to inclusive growth – to an economy that works for everyone”
– Philip Hammond,
Chancellor of the Exchequer

The idea behind T Levels was to create a qualification with the student and employer in mind. T Levels have been developed with employers as a 2-year college qualification with the inclusion of a 3-month industry placement. They allow you to gain knowledgeable experience in the industry of your choice.

When can I study a 'T Level'?

The first T Levels will be available for teaching in September 2019 with the rest aiming to be in place by 2022. Some of the 15 sectors which these qualifications will cater for include childcare and education, hair and beauty, business and administrative and construction.

Why study a 'T Level'?

These qualifications will allow students to go onto a Level 4 or 5 technical education programme. They will also be beneficial for those wanting to gain entry into university or looking to start an apprenticeship.
The government is constantly improving the education system to reflect the way we as a society learn. T Levels are a good representation of this, and will be a successful component of education in the years to come.

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What are T Level Qualifications