GCSE's for Adults

Not everyone enjoyed school and what was a struggle then, may not be so much of a struggle now. For many career routes, it’s often necessary to have at least Maths and English GCSEs at C (4) or above. 

Retaking your GCSEs as an adult can be a challenge.  You may have been out of learning for a long time and lost a lot of the skills and knowledge gained when you were at school.  It might also feel too late to study GCSEs. They will just be the start of the education you will need to really make use of academic qualifications, and you will feel a long way from your ideal job. 

So, can you retake GCSEs at any age? The definite answer is yes.  

Why should I retake my GCSEs? 

Most industries have a minimum entry requirement.  You may need to retake maths and English in particular, as these are seen as core competencies.  Many companies will require you to have 5 GCSEs at a good pass or better.  Therefore, if you want to make a move to a new career or progress in a job you love, you will have to consider retaking your GCSEs. 

There is also an answer to this question that goes something like “just because”!  Continuing to learn keeps our brains working.  When you return to learning as an adult, you may find it challenging, and you may feel like you are slower to learn.  You will soon get back into the swing of things and don't forget, life experience helps, it matures our brains! 

How will retaking my GCSEs help me?  

If you aren’t looking to change jobs or you are confident you could make the change without qualifications, you may wonder why you should bother. There are lots of reasons why retaking GCSEs will help you.  First, you will open opportunities for further education.  You could transform your life with the right course – sending you in a direction you would never have thought about before.  You will increase your employability potential and therefore improve your earnings.  Most employers like seeing people continue to add to their CVs in this way. 

Finally, continuing to learn helps keep our minds busy, opening doors to new experiences.  It may feel like a risk to return to learning; however, the rewards are worth the effort. 

Are there age limits? 

Anyone can resit GCSEs – no matter your age or your life experience.  It doesn’t matter if you have just left school or if you are closing in on retirement, you can look to start learning and increase your capabilities. 

When you resit your GCSEs, whether it is English, Maths or Science – or other specialisms like Law or Psychology – you can then progress onto A Levels or other vocational qualifications.  

Distance learning GCSE’s 

If you choose a ‘traditional’ college-run course, you will be required to attend set classes throughout the week, at certain times of the year. You will be taught and given support in-line with term times, with little contact outside of these hours.  

This is perfect for you if you like your time to be structured or you study best with a fixed timetable and have the ability to travel to and from the college. It's also ideal if you prefer to separate your home life from your studies.  

However, if you have work commitments or a family to look after, studying at a physical college isn’t necessarily an option. This can also be the case if you have a disability or you’re balancing a job as well.  Distance learning allows you to study from the comfort of your own home, whenever suits you best.  

There are no physical classes to attend or timetables to stick to. With 24-hour access to your course either online or through a study pack, you can study whenever you have free time (if that’s in the middle of the night, it’s possible!)  

This means that you can learn around your commitments and simply ‘pause’ your studies if you’re busy at work or have had a particularly hectic week. 

It’s never too late to take your GCSEs. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t succeed the first-time round, you can take them again as an adult! 

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GCSE’s for Adults