Why should you study our World War 2 course?

Victory in Europe day, commonly known as VE Day, has been commemorated on 8th May every year since 1945. It marks the date that the Germans signed an unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces, bringing World War 2 and six years of bloodshed to an end.
World War 2 is a fascinating period in the world’s history to study, and our World War 2 Level 3 course can give you an insight into all aspects of the war, including the rise of Adolf Hitler and how the war impacted upon the rest of the world.
Once you have enrolled on our World War 2 Level 3 course you will study the following topics:

Pre-War 1939

  • Discover how the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the after-effects of World War 1 contributed to World War 2 occurring
  • The rise of Adolf Hitler and how he came to rule Germany
  • Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy and how world nations tried to avoid another world war


  • Find out how World War 2 finally broke out with Germany invading Czechoslovakia and Poland
  • Which countries were in alliance on both sides of the war
  • How the first year of the war progressed


  • The German invasion of Denmark, Norway and France
  • The Blitzreig – Germany’s ‘Lightening War’ and it’s characteristics
  • The Battle of Britain – Britain was bombed extensively during the summer of 1940 in a series of night raids


  • The German invasion of the Soviet Union, code named Operation Barbarossa, in 1941.
  • Key events during the war, including the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 killing more than 2,300 troops and resulting the in Americans entering the war


  • The collapse of Mussolini’s government and how it resulted in Italy’s surrender in 1943
  • The home front in Britain and Germany – how civilians supported their country’s war efforts and troops


  • Hitler’s death and the inevitable collapse of German forces, resulting in the end of the war
  • The development of military technology and nuclear weapons
  • How World War 2 set the scene for the Cold War
  • The significance of the war on the history of the world

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Why should you study our World War 2 course?