3 Reasons to Study Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an area within Beauty Therapy that uses holistic treatment and acupuncture to balance the body’s energies and tension.
Taken from the Hindu practice of Ayurveda, it has become increasingly common in the Western world, with more and more people choosing to undergo the treatment.
If you’re looking for a new career, here’s 3 reasons why we think you should study this course:

Health Benefits

As well as being a relaxing and enjoyable experience, Indian Head Massages also offer a range of benefits that can improve overall health:

  • Relieves migraines, back pain and stiffness
  • Encourages hair to grow
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts memory

A lot of these problems are often caused by a build up of tension in the head. Releasing the tension with a massage can encourage the body to release toxins for a positive outcome.

Career Prospects

Indian Head Masseurs are very rare. Therefore, there is a wider gap in the market that studying this course will help you to fill. Studying a course can improve your career prospects as clients often look for more experience when choosing a masseur.
Many people are self-employed or freelance within this field, so they can choose their own working hours and rates.
The average rate for a 30-minute head massage can vary from £20 – 50 depending on experience. (So you do the maths of how much you could earn if you worked a full day, or better yet a week…)

Variety of Courses

We offer a few courses that will aid your journey towards becoming an Indian Head Masseur.
Indian Head Massage Level 3
Study the origins and purposes of Indian Head Massage, as well as the best techniques and application methods.
Indian Head Massage with Practical Training
This course covers everything from origins to theory and application, but also provides a day’s practical training for you to put your knowledge into practice.
Indian Head Massage with Practical Training Including Anatomy and Physiology
Similar to the above, this course covers all the essentials but with the addition of anatomy and physiology to expand your learning and enhance your career opportunities.
Take the opportunity to expand your Beauty Therapy knowledge by enrolling today.
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Sharnie Carter

3 Reasons to Study Indian Head Massage