Passionate about the outdoors? You should study Garden Design

It’s spring time! (…well, kind of)
Although we aren’t famous for having the best weather on record, there are the odd few days of blue skies and sunshine that we can hope for here in the UK.
So why not bag yourself a career that means you can enjoy all the perks of spring in the fresh outdoors?
Garden Design is a very rewarding career for those who wish to develop their skills.
If you…

  • are passionate
  • are creative and artistic
  • have a keen eye for detail
  • love the outdoors
  • have great communication skills
  • are good at managing your own time
  • have a good base of logic and strategic skills

… then you are already part of the way there to starting your career in Garden Design.

What does Garden Design entail?

Whether you want to start a new, creative career or just fancy sprucing up your own garden, a Garden Design course could be the route for you.
Garden Design includes duties such as landscaping, designing and researching all important elements of gardens.
Do you know what soil acidity works best or plant growth?
What are the key principles to consider when landscaping?
Are there any health and safety risks?
These are all questions that need to be answered by a garden designer and considered when carrying out any work.

How do I become a garden designer?

When looking for employees, many employers require both a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. They need to ensure that you know everything that is required and, in some cases, how to do it.
Therefore, it is important to have a good CV full of knowledge to impress and showcase your skills.
We provide a selection of courses that can help kick-start your career in the right direction.
Garden Design Level 3 allows you to understand the fundamentals behind Garden Design and is a great foundation to build your learning on.
Garden Design and Starting Your Own Business Level 3 builds upon this knowledge and gives you the fundamentals you need to start your own business in Garden Design.
Don’t waste any more of your career stuck indoors behind a computer screen! Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and get paid to do it.
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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about the outdoors? You should study Garden Design