Here's why you should study a Dog Grooming course

If you’re a dog lover like us here at Open Study College, then you won’t even need to read this blog. You’ll already be on your way to enrol onto our Dog Grooming course. Or perhaps you already have – even better!

But for those of you who need a little more convincing, here are a few reasons why you should study a Dog Grooming course.

The obvious one… dogs!

Having a career as a dog groomer, you’ll get to play with dogs all day and ensure that they look their best. There will be a huge variety of dogs that you work with, meaning the work that you do will be different each time, making the role that bit more exciting.

Having dogs around has also been proven to reduce stress, making the job even better. So, just imagine being a stylist… but for a dog! I don’t think we could think of a cuter job to be completely honest.

Work to your own timetable

Many dog groomers are freelance, meaning they work when and where they please.

You could choose to work in a Dog Grooming salon or kennel, or you may prefer the option of being mobile. This entails travelling to different houses and grooming the dogs in their own homes (and often means quite a few free cups of tea, too!

Being able to work to your own timetable also allows you the freedom to still do the things you love outside of work as you're not constricted to strict working hours.

Meet new people

Many dogs mean many owners, which means meeting lots of new people. Just like dogs, some of these will be nice and friendly and others may be a bit harsh, but its nice to be able to have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.


Whether you choose to do this as a part-time job or make it your full-time career, working as a dog groomer can be very rewarding. Those just starting out can start at around £13,000 and the more experienced professionals can earn over £20,000!

Of course, the more work you put into dog grooming, the more word will spread, you'll gain new customers as well as those that will return, meaning you will obviously make more money. It all depends how much time you want to invest.

Learn new skills

It may seem like easy and fun work, but becoming a dog groomer requires a lot of different skills:

  • Patience to deal with a variety of different-tempered dogs
  • Communication to speak to the owners
  • A keen eye for detail to ensure all the dogs look their best

Choosing this career will help you to develop these skills that are transferable into different areas of life.
At Open Study College, we want to help you develop these skills; the perfect place to start is by studying our Dog Grooming Level 3 course.
Check out our website to start your career. Or call our Student Adviser team on 03300 563100 to enrol today!

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Sharnie Carter

Here’s why you should study a Dog Grooming course