How Eden used studying to get through lockdown

“Having something to focus on during the first lockdown, and now the second one, has been a godsend for my mental health, and I thank OSC for that.” 

Eden began her AAT Accounting Level 2 and 3 studies during the global pandemic in March 2020. Having completed her first exam (despite COVID) and her second already booked, Eden says she’d encourage anybody that is looking for ultimate flexibility and freedom to consider the distance learning route with Open Study College.

Distance learning was a great choice for me as I could schedule my studies around my full-time job as a contract coordinator for a utilities company. I study when I need to, without the pressures of physically attending a college or university, and there aren’t the same set time limits and deadlines that I’d struggle to meet for exams or assignments. 

Getting caught up in your own mind and thoughts can be tricky, particularly during the pandemic, so the thing I most enjoy about distance learning is the lack of pressure you have. When I was in a school or college environment, there was always the pressure to achieve a certain grade or a certain goal by a specific time, and it doesn't always work like that for everyone.  

At Open Study College, you don’t have the tutor pressuring you every day. You can submit your assignments when you’re able to, and I think that in today's climate when everyone has jobs, children, life passions and hobbies that may prevent set time for learning, this method is definitely beneficial.

Halfway through her level 2 course, Eden has ambitious plans to use the knowledge gained and new qualifications to progress in her workplace.

I plan to complete my level 2 and 3, and then look into an office management course so that I could potentially run the finance department of the company I’m with. I’d love to take my studies even further and pursue a financial advice or CEMAP course as the luxury with distance learning is that I could still fit this around my employment and home life.

Outside of work, Eden likes to take time for herself and her hobbies. She explains how studying with Open Study College helps her create the ultimate balance:

I like to travel and have lots of holidays booked across the next few years. I’m also very into learning about spirituality, such as crystal healing, manifestation and meditation and I work out a lot, completing Peloton classes every morning and night. I find that because distance learning can fit around me, and the team at Open Study College are so supportive, I’m able to do everything I want to with my time.

I would definitely recommend distance learning to anyone – I can fit it around my own lifestyle. If I want to take a night off, I can, or if I want to take a week to myself to focus on my full-time job, I can do that without any consequences. I love how I can work at my own pace and I’m fully in control of everything.  

If I have any questions, the OSC team is so easy to get in touch with. Any doubts I have had have always been immediately shattered. The tutor I have is also extremely supportive and always gets back to me quickly.  

Having something to focus on during the lockdowns has been a godsend for my mental health, and I thank OSC for that. This type of learning is definitely the way forward for me – I won’t be turning back!

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How Eden used studying to get through lockdown