Why September is the new January

Frankly, September is our favourite time of the year.
It may seem like it is the end of warm days, summer nights and carefree living, but there is so much to look forward to in this glorious month.
To start with, it’s the first point in the year that it is acceptable to start thinking about Christmas! (We’ve already seen some Advent Calendars on sale…)
On top of that, it’ll soon be autumn a.k.a. the time when we all get the chance to bring out the knitted jumpers and woolly hats, and sit cosily on the sofa.
Also, is it just us who are looking forward to being a bit more recluse and enjoying quiet nights in watching Strictly and X Factor…?
The summer days are over and it’s time to knuckle down and refocus your mind.
January is typically known as the time for a fresh start, but there is less to look forward to in January. Most people are financially struggling due to the overspend at Christmas, it’s cold and snowing in the UK (although we are partial to a bit of snow every now and again), and summer seems so far away.
But in September the weather is at a nice state before cooling down, Christmas is just around the corner and the kids are back at school so there is a bit more peace and quiet.

New Year, New You

A “new year, new you” isn't exclusive to January as dictated by the calendar year; to us, it’s the academic year, which traditionally occurs in September. One of the benefits of distance learning is that you can start education at any point in the year, not just September or January. But there is an organic feeling about the month of September that seems to bring about a sense of productivity.
Within the academic year, examinations often occur in January, meaning that the joyous holiday period is overridden with revision and stress. But with distance learning, you can work at your own pace and choose to sit your exams when you are ready.
So while it is sad to say goodbye to the summer, the start of a new season should be more than welcomed. Time to welcome a new education, a new career and, ultimately, a new you.
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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

Why September is the new January