Improve your knowledge with our Feline Studies course

Do you want to improve your knowledge of all things feline? Our Feline Studies Level 3 course is a great choice for anyone looking to learn more about domestic cats. The course covers everything from behaviour, to breeds, to medical issues.
Along with dogs, cats have become a popular pet and for most owners they are considered a part of the family. For this reason, it is important that we understand our feline family members and how to care for them effectively.

What does the Feline Studies course include?

Evolution and Domestication of the Feline

This unit explores the evolution and domestication of cats throughout history. You will discover the role of felines in religion, folklore and legend, as well as their social structure.

Anatomy and Physiology of the Feline

Learn what makes cats physically different to other animals. With this unit you will gain an understanding of how a cat’s skeleton, muscles, circulatory system and digestive system operates.

Breeds of Cats and Breed Specific Disorders

Study The Governing Council of Cat Fancy, and an overview of the various breeds of cats. You will also learn about common inherited and genetic health disorders that affects certain breeds of cat.

Common Feline Behaviour

Explore feline behaviour such as their body language and communication methods in comparison to that of wild cats. This unit will also look at the relationship between humans and cats.

Correct Nutrition

Learn what nutritional requirements different breeds of cats have. Understand how a cat’s dietary needs changes throughout their life cycle, and how important it is to get their nutrition right.

Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases of the Cat

Study the medical diseases that affect cats throughout their life. Understand which diseases are infectious and non-infectious, and how to look after the welfare of a cat.
If you are interested in studying these topics in detail and learning more about our feline friends then enrol on the course today! To enrol go to our website or call a Student Adviser on 03300 563100.

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Improve your knowledge with our Feline Studies course