Success Stories - How an AAT course helped Helen's career

“If I could be qualified to do this, in essence, it would save the company money and essentially give me another ‘qualified’ string to my bow.”

Growing responsibilities

Working as a P.A. to the Managing Director, Helen found herself taking on more and more responsibilities. She was juggling everything from HR and Training, to Accounts and Wages. Having studied Accounts and Bookkeeping at school, Helen was familiar with some of the concepts but lacked the knowledge to efficiently complete daily tasks such as purchasing, sales invoicing, and payments.


Helen and her boss decided to make life easier in the long run by improving Helen’s Accounting knowledge and skills. Helen chose to study AAT Accounting Level 2 and 3 with the goal of becoming more efficient in her work. Helen’s boss currently outsources finalising the accounts to an external Accountant... a costly job! Accountants use a lot of jargon so Helen was also very keen to understand what he's talking about.

Further Study

Impressively, Helen’s studies moved at a very quick pace. Starting her level 2 course in September 2016, Helen was finished in 9 months, a great achievement whilst working part-time! Demonstrating her enthusiasm for developing her accounting knowledge, Helen has thrown herself into studying the level 3 course:

“Level 3 is a natural progression, and will allow me to take on board more of the accounting process to lessen the need to outsource this”

Why Open Study College?

Helen chose to study with us because we “stood out from the other training providers” she looked at. Both Helen and her boss were impressed with our ability to answer their questions thoroughly and quickly. Advice was just a phone call away, and there were no delays in getting the answers they needed. Helen was also encouraged by the competitive pricing of the course compared to other providers.

Simple and no pressure

Helen enjoyed “the simplicity of the approach to the learning” whilst completing her AAT Accounting level 2 course. Studying a course that’s broken down into bite-sized chunks with realistic assignment time-frames, meant Helen didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed.
She kept in contact with her tutor on a regular basis, and liked that any additional help was available ASAP. Knowing her tutor was a quick email away if she had any questions or problems put Helen's mind at ease. Regular assessment also helped her to identify any areas she was struggling with, and make improvements, before sitting an exam.

Valuable knowledge

Helen’s studies have already proved to be very useful! Her course has given her the knowledge needed to “effectively put into place a general ledger, purchase day book, sales day book, cash book, etc.” at work. Studying whilst working allowed Helen to put her new skills into practice daily, reinforcing her studies
Once Helen has completed her AAT Accounting level 3 course and is fully qualified, she will hopefully take over the books completely, and expand her responsibilities even further! She is determined to achieve her level 3 qualification, which she will surely successfully complete very soon. Helen understands the importance of qualifications, and how they can improve her career prospects:

“Having experience doing something is fantastic, but having the qualification along with the experience is even better and could further my career.”

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Sharnie Carter

Success Stories – How an AAT course helped Helen’s career