How a Fiction Writing course helped Carrie become an author

Many people dream of penning their first novel and becoming a published author. Carrie Weston recently studied a level 3 Fiction Writing course with Open Study College and was able to achieve that dream. She recently released her debut novel, Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code. We caught up with Carrie to let her share her story...

Choosing a career path

I have always wanted to pursue a writing career since leaving school. Unfortunately I was told my English grades weren’t high enough to attain a place on a writing course. So instead I went to Herefordshire College of Technology where I studied catering and became the head chef of a local pub restaurant by the age of 19.
The recession led me to pursue confectionery training which I passed with a masters. But due to unforeseen circumstances and ongoing health issues, my life took a different road.

Following my dreams

I decided to follow my dreams and began researching writing colleges that didn’t require A levels. Ones that had friendly helpful tutors. I researched a lot of online colleges, but Open Study College appealed most with it's content, offering learning from basic English language to long term goals and getting published.
In September 2015, my mother purchased the course – Fiction Writing Level 3 – for me as a birthday gift and I began studying straight away. What I liked most was the fact that upon telling you I was dyslexic you said ‘no problem’. I also had a wonderful tutor, Angela. She never found any question too inconsequential and I received detailed notes on all of my projects.
It has always been a dream of mine to become an authoress, so when I had the opportunity to send work off, I did. Now I am the proud authoress of the crime fiction novel; Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code.

Thanks Carrie!

Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code is available to buy online now!
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How a Fiction Writing course helped Carrie become an author