Full Tutor Support: How Distance Learning Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Own

One of the myths about distance learning that should be completely busted is the myth about being entirely on your own. Many people think that if you are taking a distance learning course, it means that you are on your own to study. This is definitely not the case, particularly with Open Study College. Your tutor is there to help you.
When you sign up for a course with Open Study College, one thing you will always receive is full tutor support. You will never be on your own. Once you’ve started your course, you will be assigned a personal tutor. This is someone you will always be able to rely on throughout the duration of your course.

There for You

No matter the worry, as long as it’s to do with your course your tutor is there to help you. As long as you have access to your email, you can pop any question or concern in relation to your course and your tutor will respond as soon as they can! They are there for you.

Regular Contact

Don’t understand something? No problem. If it takes you several emails to understand an element of your course, then that’s absolutely fine! Your tutor is there to help you through your course and ensure you pass with the best possible grade you can get. Don’t worry if it takes longer for you to understand! Your tutors are patient and there to help!

Progress and Improve

With every assignment you submit to your tutor, you will always get feedback on how to improve for your next submission. This is always constructive and is there for you to take on board to ensure you excel in your course.

Specialists in Their Subject

The tutor assigned to you will always be a specialist in the subject you are studying. This means that you can have confidence in the support and advice you will receive from them.

Learner Services

If you have any other concerns or worries, we have excellent learner services who are there to help with any other element of your study. Available on the phone, you can talk through any issues you may have and they will do their very best to help and resolve them.

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Full Tutor Support: How Distance Learning Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Own