Careers Advice - How do I become a Beauty Therapist?

Do you love making other people look and feel fantastic? Then a career as a Beauty Therapist could be a great choice for you! Read on to find out more about how to become a beauty therapist…

What makes a great Beauty Therapist?

To succeed in your career as a Beauty Therapist you need to possess a certain set of skills. You will need a welcoming and friendly manner that makes your clients feel relaxed. It’s important that you have a tactful and diplomatic approach to your work, and your communication skills allow you to communicate clearly with your clients when explaining procedures. It’s an added bonus if you can also sell products to your clients and earn a commission to top up your wages.

What does a Beauty Therapists job involve?

The role of a Beauty Therapist is, essentially, to make their clients feel their best. They carry out a range of different treatments that are essential to the well-being of their clients, helping them to live happier lives. You can really see the difference when your client walks away from your treatment with their head held high, and they feel incredible. The beauty of this career is that no two days are ever the same!
Beauty Therapists need to be qualified to perform a variety of treatments. Typically, their duties include:

  • Performing treatments such as facials, tanning, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures
  • Booking appointments and greeting clients
  • Advising clients on the best make-up and cosmetics for them
  • Administrative tasks such as paperwork, checking and ordering supplies, and keeping records of client’s treatment programmes and medical histories

Where will I work?

Beauty Therapists work in many different settings. Places of work range from high street salons and beauty clinics, to health spas, hotels, and even cruise ships! You could also work from home on a self-employed basis, or visit clients in their own homes.

Where do I start?

To become a qualified Beauty Therapist you will need to complete a level 2 or 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy. Open Study College offers a range of level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy courses, some of which include practical training. Our practical training courses are perfect for gaining that all-important experience in Beauty Therapy treatments. Once you have completed your course and practical day you will be able to purchase insurance that covers you when you begin to practice as a Beauty Therapist. Another way to build up your experience whilst studying your course is to start working in a salon or spa as an assistant. This will help you to put the knowledge gained from your course into practice.

What about career progression?

Once you have a few years of experience under your belt, you could potentially progress into a management role.  Alternatively, you could take the self-employed route and work from home or open your very own salon. Another path you could take is to complete further training and specialise in a particular treatment area such as massage, make-up, or complementary therapies.
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Sharnie Carter

Careers Advice – How do I become a Beauty Therapist?