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Careers Advice – Fancy Becoming A Freelance Makeup Artist?

Make up artist applying make up to a client
  • Are you a fan of all things makeup?
  • Do you enjoy making other people look and feel amazing?
  • Do you want to work to your own schedule with flexibility?

Then a career as a freelance makeup artist could be just the career choice for you!

What makes a great freelance makeup artist?

You need to have a certain set of skills to succeed at becoming a freelance makeup artist. Most commonly is a passion and talent for makeup; knowing makeup trends, knowing the best products, and being creative and skilled in your application are key traits of a successful freelance makeup artist. Organisation and punctuality are also vital to ensure that you can manage your clients efficiently and make a great impression by always being on time.

What does the role of a freelance makeup artist entail?

The role of a freelance makeup artist is to ensure your clients look and feel their best. Typically, day-to-day duties include:

  • Sourcing the best possible make up supplies
  • Knowing the latest makeup trends
  • Booking appointments
  • Making clients feel comfortable and welcome
  • Giving makeovers to single or groups of clients
  • Advising clients on the best skin and makeup products for them
  • Admin such as ordering supplies, reviewing booking forms, keeping client’s history and medical details

Where will I work?

This is the great thing about it – as a freelance makeup artist, you will be in control of where you work. Freelance means working self-employed so you can choose to be based in a salon, you can travel to client’s houses, or even work from the comfort of your own home and have client’s come to you.

What career options will I have?

Within this industry, it is all about who you know. Once you have a large repertoire of clients who love your work, word of mouth will spread and you will become more popular. The more in-demand you are, the more clients you will have and therefore the more you will earn.
Alternatively, you could work freelance for a specific sector such as movies or weddings, where the request for highly-qualified and skilled makeup artists are in high demand. So anything from making a woman look beautiful for her wedding, to adding gory special-effects 3-D make up to an actor for a film.

How do I get started?

To become a freelance makeup artist, you will need qualifications in this field. Specialist sectors usually require specific qualifications, but a basic knowledge in it all is a good place to start.

At Open Study College, we offer a range of courses that adhere to all your needs. Here are a few examples of what we recommend:

Complete Make-Up Artist
Introduction to Professional and Special Occasion Make-Up with Practical Training
Make-Up Artist Level 3

But don’t just take our word for it. Browse our site or give our qualified education specialist team a call on 03300 563100.

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