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Is a career in payroll for you?

Payroll Career | Calculator

Are you thinking about beginning a career in payroll? Ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time is a very important part of a business.

Payroll provides a range of opportunities and is an easy field to work your way up into those higher paid roles. But is it a career for you?

Duties of the job

Payroll specialists make sure people are paid on time by collecting and checking the time they have spent working. They are responsible for keeping track and processing holiday, sick and maternity pay, and expenses. Depending on the size of the business, they can be involved in other human resources admin tasks.

A payroll specialist will need to have experience in working with specific software such as Sage in order to process employees’ wages. They will also need a good skill set in budgetary operations, tax laws and laws involving wages and hours.

In some cases, they may even need to communicate with employees and work on a one-to-one basis with clients. Report writing is also a key role for someone that works in this field.

Is it for you?

A career in payroll is perfect if you’re good with maths and numbers. You will also need to be very organised and have a keen attention to detail to spot any mistakes that could be made with hours or pay.

As you will be working with sensitive information you’ll need to be very trustworthy and loyal to the business you work for. You will also need to have an excellent skill base in a range of computer software’s including Microsoft Office and Sage.

If you identify with these skills and think that you would enjoy completing these tasks, then becoming a payroll specialist is a possibility for your future!

Career path

Starting jobs within this field often begin at payroll clerk level and then you will be able to work yourself up to payroll supervisor, payroll manager, or payroll director.

Salaries depend on experience and expertise, but can range up to £50,000 for those higher paid roles!

A career in payroll can be very rewarding, offering you a range of job opportunities and a way to climb the career ladder. So, if you like the sound of becoming a payroll specialist then a home study course is a great way to kick-start your future!

Kick-start your career with our Sage 50 Payroll Complete course!

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