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How we can help you become a marine biologist

For some people, the 9-5 life is not for them.
There are those out there who dream of more exciting careers that take them away from the regular scenes of day-to-day life into thrilling territories.
If you’re one of these people, then we have the career for you…
Become a Marine Biologist!

What is a marine biologist?

A marine biologist is a type of scientist that studies marine life and organisms. Some focus on marine animals, some focus on plant life, and others may choose to specialise in habitats and activities.
Depending on their chosen area of study, then can work hands on in the field, diving underwater to examine further. Or they may choose to work more behind the scenes in laboratories conducting experiments and observations.

Why become a marine biologist?

  • Love animals, particularly marine animals?
  • Great at and enjoy swimming?
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty?

Then becoming a marine biologist could be the perfect career choice for you.

How do you become a marine biologist?

Like many scientific careers, there is a very full journey of studying and qualifications that need to take place before you can become a marine biologist.
Luckily for you, Open Study College can kick-start your career and help you on your way.
First, you must study GCSEs/iGCSEs.
These start the foundation of your learning, and it is necessary to have them in subjects such as Biology, Physics or Chemistry.
Then, you move onto A Levels.
These will build on what you have learnt at GCSE level and allow you to focus your knowledge. A Levels also provide you with the necessary UCAS points that are required in order for you to gain entry into university.
After that, the choice is yours.
In regard to undergraduate study, many choose to specify in Marine Biology, whereas some take a broader approach by studying Biology and then specialising once this is completed.
In some cases, students choose to study additional theory courses to broaden their knowledge and enhance their CV. For example, our Marine Biology Level 3 course.
Sound like the career for you?
Take a look at our website for our extensive list of courses that can help you become a marine biologist. Or call 03300 563 100 to talk to our student adviser team about your options.

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How we can help you become a marine biologist

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