If your Sixth Form doesn't offer the courses you want – Study an A Level through distance learning

September 6, 2019

Many of us have been in a situation that has us completely torn. For our student Josh it was fairly simple. He wanted to do A level politics… and he was going to study it no matter what!
His local sixth form college had pretty much everything he needed…apart from one of the subjects he really wanted to study. He didn’t really want to choose a different college or miss out on the A Level.
Josh did some research and enrolled on an additional A Level through Open Study College to get the best of both worlds!
We spoke to Josh to find out more.
“I was studying A Levels at my local Sixth Form College. However, they did not offer A Level Politics, so I decided to complete it with Open Study College instead. Politics is at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, so I wanted to gain a greater understanding of what’s happening by studying the roots and foundations of it. This is crucial to comprehend the way politics operates today.”

For many of us, if the options aren’t there for us, we just accept it. However, when you really want something, you go out and you get it!

“I chose to study with OSC as I was confident they would provide the support I needed to work alongside my course. Being allocated a personal tutor meant there was someone on hand throughout my learning to offer guidance and help if and when I needed it.”

If you enjoy something, you’re likely to succeed…

“The thing I enjoyed most about my studies was understanding how the foundations of politics so heavily influence the workings of it today. The course guide from Open Study College provided numerous contemporary examples.”
“These made me want to read into things deeper and deeper. I would often find myself googling the examples in the course guide to learn more about it and read more into it!”

‘I was thrilled to achieve an A* grade in my A Level Politics’

“My tutor Ben was a great help. Thanks to my hard work and success.  I am now going to university in London where I’ll study Politics and International Relations; with a view to eventually end up working in the political sector in some capacity.”

Well done on an outstanding grade Josh. Your passion and love for the subject and the eagerness to succeed paid off! Good luck at university!
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Libby Barrett

As Digital Content Executive for OSC, I'm currently studying my IDM Digital Marketing qualification through distance learning. I absolutely love all things creative and when I'm not at Open Study College, I'm being a complete theatre nerd, performing in panto or amateur productions!

If your Sixth Form doesn't offer the courses you want – Study an A Level through distance learning
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