3 Reasons to study A-Level Politics

Are you interested in studying A-Level Politics? Then boost your knowledge in UK and US government and politics, explore different parties, voting behaviour and much more in our A-Level course. Here’s 3 reasons why you should study A-Level Politics:

Explore UK government and politics

This course will allow you to gain an insight into the nature of politics and how people engage in the political process in the UK. You’ll develop your understanding in four important areas including democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems and voting behaviour and the media. This unit also explores the roles and powers of the government and the major branches including legislative, executive, and judiciary.

Boost your knowledge in US politics

Core political views and ideas are different in every country, which is why our A-Level has a unit dedicated to the government and politics of the USA. Here you will learn about the US presidency, civil rights, comparative theories and more. After studying this course you’ll also be able to identify and explain the connections, similarities and differences between the UK and US politics.

Gain entry into university

If you’re looking to go onto a politics related degree, then an A-Level in Politics is perfect for you. This course can help you achieve up to 56 UCAS points for entry into university. Just what you need to kick-start your career as a political assistant, government social research officer, diplomatic service officer or political journalist.
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Sharnie Carter

3 Reasons to study A-Level Politics