5 Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Making a Change in your Career

October 21, 2020

Making a major change in your career can be quite daunting at first, particularly if it’s something you’ve been looking to do for a while. With the current climate, some careers in industries such as events and hospitality are at a threat and it might be time to start considering changing your career path.

Rebecca from SimkissGuy Recruitment has 5 top tips that you should keep in mind when you are making a career change.


Qualifications are important and professional qualifications, in particular, will help you stand out from other applicants. If there are any qualifications that relate to your new career, it’s important to look into taking these.

Sometimes if you have dipped into different job roles and then want to pursue a career within one of these such as finance or HR, knowledge is essential and these qualifications will back that up when making the next step in those types of careers.

It’s not just the academic qualifications that are important, but actually softer skills such as communication, IT and organisation. All can be proved with a qualification alongside your experience.


Networking within the industry you are looking to work within is important. LinkedIn in is the perfect resource tool, so connect with them and Finding out more about the people who work

Finding out more about people who work in their industry, connecting with them and interacting can make all the difference. Particularly if you are applying for a job within a specific company, showing an interest on LinkedIn will help you get noticed.

Work experience

We all hear it constantly, but work experience is absolutely vital when you are changing your career to give you that tangeable experience. Of course, when working a full time job it is difficult to fit this in but anything you are able to do, whether that is experience volunteering, finding work experience on evenings or weekends.

This gives you something to talk about and give examples within an interview and also really helps you stand out from other applicants as you are able to prove your applied skills.


Try and find a mentor who works within the industry, who can guide you to help you get into the career you are hoping for. It might sound daunting to try and find one, but networking events such as conferences, virtual events and seminars are perfect to find someone who will be happy to guide you.

Tailor CV

We cannot stress this enough, it’s very important when applying for jobs to have different versions of CV that highlight the skills required in the job role.

Often for a job application, 100’s of CV’s will be submitted so it’s important you show your capabilities and match the skills you have to the skills they are looking for.

Many people are hesitant about making a career change but we spend a great deal of time at work so it’s really important that you do a job you genuinely enjoy.

Spend an awful long time at work, when you do a job that you enjoy- genuinely enjoy what you do. Think about the type of career that will suit you, do you enjoy being part of a small business? Do you want a role meeting people? Would you prefer something that meant you worked alone? All these questions are important when it comes to making the decision of changing your career.

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5 Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Making a Change in your Career
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