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3 Reasons why you should study reflexology

3 Reasons why you should study reflexology

Do you want to boost your knowledge in reflexology? Then develop your knowledge in consultation techniques, client requirements and the benefits of reflexology with our Level 3 course. Here’s 3 reasons why you should study reflexology:

Understand how to give consultations

Our Level 3 course will allow you to investigate the consultation process. You will learn the various questions that need to be asked and whether your client can undergo the treatment. Assessing your client’s health before performing the treatment is a vital part of reflexology.

Explore the anatomy of hands and feet

You’ll gain an interesting insight into how feet sustain the body’s weight and the different parts of the hand. In this unit, you’ll also explore the structure of the feet, ankles, legs, hands and arms just what you need to carry out your own treatments.

Gain an insight into various techniques

In this module, you’ll explore the products needed to perform the treatment and the various techniques to use, including rotating, thumb walking and more. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of the benefits of reflexology and how it can help your client.
Study reflexology today and kick-start your career!
Take a look at our Reflexology Level 3 course

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