3 Reasons why you should learn French

Did you know that over 220 million people speak French and it is the second most widely learned language after English? Which is why learning French is a valuable skill to have. Here’s 3 reasons why you should learn French:

Help achieve a new job

Many UK businesses now work with clients, partners and customers in France, so having the ability of speaking French can give you a competitive advantage. Candidates that have language skills are a hit for employers and can make all the difference in achieving your dream job.

Personal enjoyment

If you want to challenge yourself and learn a new skill, then a language is great to do just that! Not only can it help enrich your mind, but it can also open up a wide range of opportunities. If you have French relatives and friends, you will be able to communicate with them easier and show them you're interested in their culture.

Easier when travelling

Do you love visiting France?  Then how easy would it be if you could actually speak the language! With France attracting more than 79,5 million visitors a year and being one of the world’s top tourist destination, gaining the ability to speak French can help you understand where places are, communicate with people, read menus and lots more!
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3 Reasons why you should learn French