An easier way to complete your ACCA qualifications

Advance your career in finance, accountancy or banking with this highly sought after professional qualification. Study to become a recognised Chartered Accountant online, in your own time and from the comfort of your own home.

Why study for an ACCA online

If you’re looking to progress your career in corporate finance or accountancy…

Advance your position in the banking industry…

Or if it’s your goal to become a fully-recognised Chartered Accountant…

Studying for the widely sought after and highly respected ACCA qualification is the perfect option for you

As it is a fully recognised ACCA qualification, you’ll find all the course materials are up to date and accurate.

And as a recognised and qualified member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), you’ll set yourself apart from other applicants seeking jobs in finance, accountancy and banking.

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    How your study will work

    The complete ACCA qualification is broken down into three stages

    Stage one is Fundamental Applied Knowledge and includes three modules: Accountant in Business, Management Accounting and Finance Accounting.

    Stage two is Fundamental Applied Skills

    and includes six modules: Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, Taxation, Finance Reporting, Audit and Assurance and Finance Management.

    Stage three is Strategic Professional and includes four modules. The first two (Strategic Business Leader and Business Reporting) are compulsory. The second two modules can be chosen from Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management or Audit and Assurance.

    To complete ACCA, you must complete all 13 modules. These can be studied as a complete package, or individually, as detailed below.

    But thanks to our flexible distance learning approach, you’ll be able to manage your study around your schedule, setting targets and deadlines that are right for you.

    You can choose to access your materials easily online, or receive them securely by post. And in both cases you’ll receive full unlimted e-mail support from an experienced tutor who is there to help guide you through the qualification.

    To complete this qualification successfully, you’ll be required to complete an exam at the end of each module, but your progress will be tracked throughout the course by a combination of self-assessment exercises and tutor-monitored study.

    You’ll also have access to our Learner Services Team for any additional guidance you might require.

    Why choose Open Study College

    As an Open Study College student, you’ll be supplied with your course materials, as well as the full support of a fully qualified tutor throughout your studies.

    You can choose to receive your materials through the post, or easily access them online.

    And, thanks to our flexible distance learning approach, you’ll be able to study at your own pace and only take exams when you feel confident and comfortable that you’ll be able to pass.

    If you’re interested in completing an ACCA but you’re looking for a more flexible approach to learning that fits around busy schedule, studying through the Open Study College could be ideal for you.

    What you will receive

    When you enrol with Open Study College, you’ll receive:

    • All The Tutor Support You Need – Though you might think studying from home means you miss out on tutor support, the fact is you’ll have access to and learn with an experienced tutor throughout your course. It’s like being at college or university, the only difference is, you choose when to get in touch with the tutor.
    • The Fully Recognised Qualification – When you see the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants issues our qualifications, it means the qualification you’re studying for is the fully recognised course. It’s the same qualification you’d get at college or university, only you get to study for it on your terms and in the comfort of your own home.
    • Support Transforming Your Career – If you’re looking to study at home with the intention of exploring a new career path, you’ll be pleased to know that all successful Open Study College Students receive a free CV rewriting service to help you develop your future career prospects once your study is complete. It’s just another way we’re determined to help our students like you achieve your goals.

    Above all, when you enrol with Open Study College, you’ll have full control over how and when you study.

    Whether you plan to study in the day, in the evening, or whenever you’re able to grab a spare bit of time at the weekend, the way our courses and tutor support are structured means you can manage your time accordingly and work at a pace that’s right for you.

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    Paving your way to (better) employment

    Whether you’re setting out on a brand new career path, aiming higher in your job or just getting started in employment, Open Study College are here to improve your career prospects.

    When you enrol, get in touch with our learner services and request your free Employability Guide. Our expert guide will help you understand the qualities and skills employers are looking for. It will also enable you to demonstrate your skills, so you stand out from other candidates.

    Once you have passed your course, you can take advantage of our free CV rewriting service. We will use our expertise to improve your chances of finding a job with a noticeable CV!

    At Open Study College, we help shape your future.

    To request your free copy of our Employability Guide and CV writing service email or call 03300 563100 and our friendly team will send you a link to access the guide.

    ACCA study options

    When it comes to studying for an ACCA, you have a number of different options:

    ACCA Complete – This includes all three stages of study and all of the modules you’ll require to complete the full ACCA course.

    Complete ACCA with Strategic Financial Management (P4) and Advanced Performance Management (P5) – This includes all three stages of study and all of the modules you’ll require to complete the full ACCA course.

    ACCA Fundamentals – You can break down your study initially and only include the two fundamental stages of ACCA. You can study both stages at once, or each stage separately:

    Applied Knowledge this is the first 3 modules only

    Applied Skills this is the second 6 modules only

    ACCA Strategic Professional – Study for each individual module separately.

    Your next step

    The ACCA is a widely recognised and hugely respected qualification.

    If you’re interested in studying to become a Chartered Accountant but you’re looking for a more flexible approach to learning that fits around your busy schedule, studying with Open Study College could be ideal for you.

    Thanks to our excellent rating on Trustpilot, you can easily and confidently enrol on the course today. To see the full course details and find out how you could enrol, just hit the all ACCA courses button on this page.

    Alternatively, you can request a prospectus by completing your details into the form on this page and one of our dedicated Learner Services Team will be in touch with more information.