7 great reasons why you should study business

We’ve all had the idea of starting our own business one day, no matter how fleeting a thought it was.  

Whether you want to start your own business or get your foot in the door and take the next step in your business career, here are seven great reasons why you should study business. 

Broad range of career opportunities

No matter what area of business you are interested in, be that IT, finance, marketing, or HR, studying a business course can open up plenty of career opportunities.  

Due to the wide range of options available in business, you’ll be able to combine your passions in life with your work.  

For example, if you love sports, taking up a business management role at a local sports club could be a great option. 

With a variety of opportunities available in business, you can easily change your career in the future.  

That could be an increase in your earning potential or just the want for a fresh new start, the chance to do so will certainly be there.

Finding a role you’re passionate about 

Studying business will allow you to specialise in an area that you are passionate about.

This could be anything from public relations, project management, business administration, business development, and anything in-between. 

There are courses available online that allow you to study in a certain field of business, for example, this CIM Level 3 marketing qualification is ideal for those who are new to marketing!

Gain vital entrepreneurial skills 

If your dream is to run your own business, studying a business course could help you to achieve that goal.

Whilst you will, of course, learn all about the basics of the business world, you will also learn the key skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.  

Starting your own business brings many benefits. It is an excellent way to build a unique career for yourself, while also developing your business knowledge and skills further.  

Growing your own company can also be highly rewarding, not just financially but motivationally as well.  

Acquire transferrable skills 

You will gain many transferrable skills when studying business, especially skills that are high in demand, like decision-making, presentation skills, and communication.  

These are vital attributes for employees as you will be working alongside many different types of people in different business functions. 

Through your studies, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to solve problems and prioritise resources by taking an analytical, cost-effective approach.  

Meanwhile, you will also gain the communication skills to write a convincing report or present a winning pitch.  

Thanks to these unique skills, you will be highly sought after by employers during your job hunt, which leads us to our next point… 

Increase your employability 

Completing a business course will increase your employability when starting your career after your studies.  

In fact, according to Luminate Prospects, business subjects have shown consistently higher numbers for graduates in full-time employment.

Marketing students have the highest employability rating (68.7%), whilst accounting and finance produce the lowest (58.8%), however, that’s still above the all-subject average (57.3%).  

It’s not just the start of your career that your business studies will help your employability. Every employee needs to be capable of performing basic administrative tasks and understand other business functions and how they interact.  

Businesses can’t operate without people to run their human resources accounting, marketing, or sales departments. That means you will always be in demand with a business qualification. 

Maximise your earning potential 

If you work for a successful company, there’s a good chance your earning potential will increase.  

Business managers can expect to take home anywhere between £30k and £50k a year. Meanwhile, business graduates can potentially earn up to £70k a year.  

Work abroad 

Your transferable skills can also benefit you on the world stage.

A basic understanding of business and the economy will benefit you wherever you want to go. Most business courses explore the global economy, international business models, and trade, which will give you an advantage should you decide to work abroad. 

Are you interested in studying business from the comfort of your own home? Whether you hope to start your own successful business, become the next business mogul, or excel in your career, Open Study College’s range of business courses can help you. Find out more about our business courses


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7 great reasons why you should study business